Plano Car Storage: Creative and Affordable Solutions

Looking for a place to store your car but most places are too expensive? We understand the need for affordability and have thought up some creative solutions.

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Your vehicle is one of your most expensive investments. You want to keep it safe and well-protected, even when you’re not using it.

The solution is reliable car storage. Proper storage is key to keeping your vehicle safe from the elements, theft, and other potential hazards when you’re not using it.

But where can you find reliable Plano car storage that’s affordable and secure?

With a little bit of creativity and perseverance, you’ll discover there are many great car storage solutions available. Learn how you can find car storage that fits your budget.

What Is Car Storage?

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You’ll discover there are times when don’t use or need your vehicle. Car owners who own vintage or collective vehicles may not wish to drive their vehicles during the winter months.

Others may leave for an extended vacation but don’t want to leave their vehicle outside in their parking lot or driveway. Perhaps you have a second vehicle, like a truck, that you only need on occasion.

Car storage is a great solution for storing your vehicle off of your property.

The biggest benefit of car storage is it’s a way to protect your vehicle when you’re not using it. The benefits of covered car storage include:

  • Protection from the elements and the sun’s UV rays
  • A level of security 
  • Allows for more space at your home 
  • Easily accessible 
  • Peace of mind
  • Less risk of damage
  • Lower insurance costs

Placing your unused or collectible vehicle in storage is a great way to keep it safe. 

The two main types of storage include covered and open. Open or outdoor storage is an outdoor space, like a parking spot, that allows you to park your vehicle for an extended amount of time. Covered storage is a unit, like a garage, complete with a roof and walls for added protection.

The downside to outdoor storage is your vehicle is at a greater risk of damage from the elements and other people. The downside to indoor or covered storage is it comes with a heftier cost.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of covered car storage without having to pay the cost. The trick is knowing your options and where to look.

Popular Car Storage Options In Plano, Texas

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Finding a car storage solution that’s reliable and affordable can be a challenging process. What most car owners don’t know is there are many options available.

Here’s a closer look at the various types of car storage options available.

The Storage Unit

The most traditional car storage option is a storage unit. Storage units are a great option as they offer shelter and some additional amenities for your vehicle.

Despite the benefits traditional storage units offer, there are several drawbacks.

The first major drawback is they’re expensive. The cost continues to rise as you need more space or amenities such as climate control or electricity.

The second notable drawback is they’re not as secure as you might think. Most storage units exist on the outskirts of town and offer little security. This puts your vehicle at risk for theft or damage.

A disadvantage of most traditional storage units is they're far away and don’t always offer round-the-clock access. Retrieving and accessing your vehicle may become a challenging and cumbersome process.

A Private Garage

Did you know home and garage owners with extra space may rent out the space for storage?

Yes, you read that right. Some people will let you rent a space in their garage or driveway to store your vehicle, boat, or other miscellaneous items.

The benefit of renting from a private party is the cost is generally cheaper than renting from a traditional storage facility. The reason is most homeowners are looking to make a little extra money on the side but not start a whole business.

The other benefit of a private garage is you may get extra amenities without having to pay extra. These amenities include climate control, extra storage space, and access to electricity.

Since the private garage is often on the same property as the owner’s house, there’s an added level of security. The homeowners are usually physically around to keep an eye on their garage and its contents. Some have home security systems for additional protection.

This is a great storage option for those needing to store expensive, rare, or valuable vehicles but also want to keep storage costs low.

The potential disadvantage to renting a private garage is you may have limited access. This is completely up to the homeowner’s discretion. Some homeowners may prefer you access your vehicle during the daytime hours or when they’re home.

A Private Parking Space

There are home and property owners with extra driveway and yard space. These people may rent portions of their property out for people to store their boats, RVs, and extra vehicles. Those living in an urban area may rent out a spare or unused parking spot to those who need a space to store their vehicle.

A private parking space is often outdoors, so the main disadvantage is your vehicle will be susceptible to the elements. If you’re fortunate, you may find outdoor storage spaces with canopies.

If you have concerns about outdoor storage, you can invest in a car cover. A quality car cover will protect your car from the sun, most elements, and can add a little extra security.

The benefit of an outdoor private parking space is it will be more affordable. Most private places will have extra security, especially if the property owners live on the same property.

The other major benefit is you’ll be able to access your vehicle whenever you need it. Those looking to store a spare or older vehicle with little value can cut storage costs by choosing an outdoor storage space.

Storage Yard

Do you have a large vehicle, such as a full-size van or large work truck, to store? Another affordable outdoor storage option in Plano, Texas is a storage yard.

A storage yard is similar to a private parking space. Both are often outdoors and have limited (if any) covering.

The benefit of a storage yard is you can store larger vehicles for cheaper. You can enjoy more space and can access your vehicle whenever you need it.

Not all storage yards are available for car storage. You’ll need to ask the owner or manager what vehicles are okay to store.

What To Look For In Affordable Car Storage in Plano

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The main feature to look for in affordable Plano storage spaces is safety. If you’re investing in a storage space for your vehicle, you want to ensure it’s in a safe place.

Besides safety, there are a few other features you need to consider when looking for affordable car storage.

Storage Fits Your Needs

A storage space is useless if it doesn’t fit your needs. Before you begin your search for car storage space, you need to know how much space you’ll need. Besides having space for your vehicle, you’ll need extra space around it to ensure you can access it.

Do you have other items you need to store? If you’re storing extra automotive tools, consider an enclosed storage space with plenty of room for you to store and use your tools.


Storing your vehicle in an insecure space is a terrible idea. Always ask the property owner or manager about the security features they have on-premises.


What kind of protection does your vehicle need. If you have a rare or expensive vehicle, you’ll want the protection of indoor storage space.

Look for storage spaces with protection that fits your needs. Don’t settle for outdoor storage space if you need the extra protection of an indoor or garage space.


If you’re like most vehicle owners, you want the option to access your vehicle wherever you need it. Ask about the accessibility of the place you’re storing your vehicle.

Some places may have specific times for your to access your vehicle. Others may prefer to be present to unlock the garage or unit for you.

If accessibility is an issue, look for places that allow round-the-clock accessibility.

Climate Control

Do you need a place with a moderate climate to store your rare or expensive collectible vehicle? There are places, including private garages, that include climate control for added protection.

Other Amenities

Consider other amenities such as access to electricity, additional storage space, and spacious driveways. While these may not be necessary, they will make storing your vehicle easier and more enjoyable.

Find Affordable Car Storage Near You

Finding affordable car storage in Plano that fits your needs is easy and possible! Many creative car storage options are offering better services and amenities than the traditional storage unit.

Are you ready to start your search for a great car storage space? Let us know. We’re happy to help your find the perfect car storage solution that fits your needs and budget.