You Need a Storage Yard for Rent? Here's Where to Find One

You need a large storage space to store your spare truck. Where do you look?


You need a large storage space to store your spare truck. Where do you look?

You start with local storage facilities. They offer a few great features and amenities but the larger units come with a hefty price tag per month. The more affordable options are far away and have questionable security.

There has to be a better option, right?

Look for a storage yard for rent from a private home or property owner. You can find local options posted in your city with extra amenities for a fraction of the cost per month of a traditional storage unit!

Fortunately, finding a storage yard for rent is much easier than you might think! Whether you need to store a truck, an RV, or a place for something else, here’s what you need to know about finding and renting a storage yard.

What Exactly Is a Storage Yard?

A storage yard is simply an outdoor space designed to store large items like boats and vehicles. They don’t limit your space and are more affordable than traditional storage units.

Common items stored at a storage yard include:

  • Vehicles
  • Large trucks
  • Farming equipment
  • Tractors
  • Construction equipment
  • Cargo containers
  • Motorbikes
  • Trailers
  • Extra building materials
  • Lawnmowers
  • Large toolsets
  • RVs and campers
  • Large machinery
  • ATVs and other utility vehicles
  • Boats

If you have another large item that’s safe to store outdoors, you can likely store that at a storage yard as well. 

Construction and industrial businesses don't always have enough room on-premise to store their large machinery and materials. Most will invest in renting a storage yard to store such items.

Does this mean storage yards are best for contractors and construction businesses? The answer is no, anyone can rent a space at a storage yard to store their larger belongings.

You should note, some storage yards exclusively rent to construction and other industrial businesses. They may not allow the average person to rent a space to store their truck or any large personal items needing storage.

Some storage facilities offer rentable outdoor space where you can store extra machinery and various large items. These areas are cheaper than indoor storage and sometimes come with a covered awning or roof. The drawback to renting an outdoor space from a traditional storage facility is the potential lack of security.

If there aren’t any available storage yards near you, renting an outdoor storage space from a private party may be a better option. There are many home and property owners with extra space unused garage or yard space. Rather than letting these areas sit without a purpose, they can rent them out to make a little extra cash on the side.

Private property owners offering storage yards for rent are open to renting to nearly anyone. They’re a much more cost-effective option for anyone needing a larger space to store their items.

Advantages of a Storage Yard

yard to rent

Storage yards give you the flexibility of storing large items for cheaper compared to a traditional storage facility. Depending on who you rent from, they may charge per square foot or offer fixed rates for a specific amount of space. Besides being more cost-effective many private storage yards have better security.

A significant advantage of renting from a storage yard it's a convenient drive-up and self-storage option. Nearly every storage yard is drive-up accessible with self-storage options. The yards are spacious with a layout that promotes easy maneuverability for large machinery.

Outdoor storage yards allow you to store large items without worrying whether they’ll fit in the storage space. Renting from a private property owner may grant you more space for even less.

Traditional storage areas may have limited hours as to when you can access your stored items. The reason is often to increase security but this can be a problem for those needing access to their machinery at night or in the early hours of the morning. Renting an outdoor storage lot from a private party may grant your 24/7 access.

Some private property owners may have a large garage sitting empty that they’re willing to rent. Others might have an unused machine shed designed for large machinery. You may find a large indoor storage yard with climate control for a fraction of the price of a storage unit.

Renting storage space from a private party typically offers better security. Hosts are willing to look out for the items you store. Those with storage available near their home may have home security services for better protection.

Renting a storage yard or space from a nearby host is incredibly convenient. You can find reliable outdoor yard storage nearby rather than in a questionable part of town. This will save you time and gas money as you won’t have to drive an hour or more to access your items.

Disadvantages of a Storage Yard

yard space rental

Since storage yards are a form of outdoor storage, what you store there will be vulnerable to the elements. This includes exposure to the sun, rain, wind, snow, and varying temperatures. You’ll need to properly prepare your items for storage to ensure the weather doesn’t damage them.

Fortunately, preparing your items for outdoor storage is a fairly easy and inexpensive process. You can use tarps, boat covers, and car covers to protect the exterior of your stored items.

Renting from a traditional storage yard that offers security doesn’t always mean the security is good. Many storage facilities and yards are susceptible to theft, particularly those located on the outskirts of town.

Speaking of the outskirts of town, yards and facilities in those areas are inconvenient to access. You’ll have to spend valuable time traveling to the yard whenever you need to access your items.

As briefly mentioned above, some facilities have restrictions on what items you can store on their property. Residential facilities, for example, may not approve of storing tractors, work equipment, or large machinery. Others may charge extra for certain items.

If you want a safe and affordable storage yard to store your larger items, renting from a private property owner may be the better option.

What to Look For In a Yard

parking yard for rent

These yards come in all shapes and sizes at varying costs. When you start looking at yards to rent, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Keep these following tips in mind when you check out potential areas.


How large is the item or items you’re planning to store? Measure your items, mainly the length and width to find out how much space you’ll need to safely store them.

Do you plan to store other large items soon? You may want to factor in any additional items you may want to store at a yard. Planning can save you time and stress from having to find a second place to store your extra items.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are important aspects to note if you value the items you're storing. These facilities are at a higher risk of theft and vandalism.

Why? Because people know there could be valuable items at a facility. Those with poor security may require you to regularly check on your stored items or have you sign a liability waiver.

Always ask about what security features the host or facility has to offer. You don’t want your valuable items to end up disappearing or becoming damaged while in their possession.


Is the yard in a safe place and close enough that you don’t have to drive out of your way? Think about the location of the yard and the location of your space within the yard.

While it would be convenient to rent a space close to your house, it may cost more or lack some features you need. The recommended location should be no further than about a half-hour from your home or work. Broadening your search a little bit will boost your chances of finding a better yard at an affordable price.

The location of your specific unit is also important. If you’re storing a large RV or trailer, you’ll need to make sure you can drive in, maneuver, and park the item with ease. If your space is in an awkward or tight area of the yard, it will be challenging, if not impossible, to access it.

When you rent from a private party, they may have an outdoor area that’s easily accessible. Some properties have an outdoor area alongside the garage designed to park a large item like an RV or boat. Others have a mini backyard or sideboard driveway with the purpose of parking large recreational items.


If you have a budget, it’s best to stick to it. Yard rent fees can get expensive. The last thing anyone wants to do is pay hundreds of extra dollars to temporarily store their work equipment. Should you need long-term space for large items, some places offer discounts for long-term use.

Keep costs low by broadening your search to private properties and hosts. They’re much cheaper and can potentially offer more features, like a large garage or extra security.

Ask what’s all included in your rental fee. Does the space offer any electric hook-ups or a roof? Some rental facilities sneak in additional services such as electric, transportation, and supplies. If you don’t need these added features, it can save you money to look somewhere else.

Track What You’re Storing

Before you put anything into a yard, keep track of what you’re storing. When storing large machinery or a recreational vehicle, you’ll want to take note of their current condition. Taking photos is a great way to document your items and their condition.

Accidents happen and they’re likelier to occur at a large rental facility compared to a small private property. If something should happen to your items, having photo documentation as proof will ensure you’re compensated accordingly.


Besides making sure your items fit in the space, what kind of accessibility does it offer? To ensure convenience, look for yards and spaces that offer 24/7 accessibility. This way, you won’t have to work around their operating hours.

If you’re storing your items with a host, ask about accessibility. Whether you’re storing your large items indoors or outdoors, many hosts are willing to help you access your items when you need them.

Visit the Space Before You Rent

Never reserve or agree upon a rental space before seeing it in-person. The description of photos of a storage yard or space can be misleading or lack valuable information.

Viewing the space ahead of time will give you an idea of how much space you’ll have to work with. You’ll also be able to check out what features the space comes with.

Where Can You Find a Storage Yard for Rent?

how to rent a storage yard

The easiest way to find one for rent is to look online. You’ll be able to find a range of options including large company-owned facilities and private properties. If you don’t want to rent from a company-owned facility, how and where can you find a private host?

Check out websites like Stache. This is a great site designed to connect hosts with extra space with people looking to rent space.

Save Money and Rent the Best Storage Yard with Stache!

Are you looking for an outdoor yard for rent to store your extra vehicle or recreational equipment? Skip the major facilities and opt for a private host. You’ll enjoy a private space and greater security for a much cheaper cost!

Have questions or need help finding the right space to fit your needs? Let us know! We’re happy to help you with all of your needs.