Where to Find Private Garages to Rent Wherever You Are

Do you need an affordable storage solution? Keep reading to learn where you can find private garages no matter where you are.


Where to Find Private Garages to Rent Wherever You Are

Are you in the need of some extra storage space to condense the objects in your home? Do you wish there were another way besides public storage units? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to rent a private garage.

See below for an in-depth complete guide highlighting all the information and offers all you need regarding private garages, as well as where to find them.

What Are Private Garages?

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Here at Stache, we always tell people to look at it this way: think 'Airbnb', but for storage, not lodging. 

We want to help let communities gather together and maximize the available storage space anyone has access to. 

Some people have extra storage space available, while someone just down the road from them might be struggling to find space.

That's what we've created here at Stache. It's a seamless and convenient way to find the storage space you need in minutes.

You start by browsing local listings to find a space that meets your needs. This could be depending on your budget, how much space you need, proximity to your home, and more. You can also compare different spaces!

Once you find a space that fits your needs, you send in a request to book it.

Signs I Need Private Garage to Rent

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Perhaps you're wondering if finding a private garage space rental is necessary. 

Many people try to skid by with their lack of storage, then end up paying the price with added stress, broken items, and more. Here are some of the most telltale signs that you need to rent a private garage.

1. You're Struggling to Locate Anything

You need to free up some of your space to limit the risk of injury and know where your things are at all times.

Using a private garage will also force you to go through each of the items and purge all non-essential items. If anything like the rest of us, you haven't done that in years.

2. Half Your Items Go Unused

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Everyone has an inner struggle when it comes to the heated debate of store vs sell your property. You could get rid of the items, but what if you need them one day? What if they hold sentimental value for you?

No one is forcing you to get rid of them! However, you need to find a safer way to store the pieces of property you want to keep. Rent a private garage space to answer this problem for you.

Simply sort through your items and put the items you won't use every day into a private garage space. That way, they're there whenever you need them, but aren't taking up space in your home.

3. Auto Repair is Impossible in Your Current Garage Space

Maybe you want to change your own oil or do your own auto repair on your car or another vehicle. Maybe you want to stop dealing with parking woes. Doing this in a private garage location with rent per month rates keeps the mess out of your garage space, gives you a place to keep your tools, and offers a better alternative to per hour rates while being a fraction of the price of a commercial shop. It also protects anything you're currently storing in your own garage space without getting auto parts and auto oil everywhere.

In this case, a little spending on rent of a separate garage space makes a huge difference included in the bottom line by doing your business and your own DIY car repairs.

If you have multiple cars or recreational vehicles, or want to learn how to create a side business for DIY vehicle repair shop as a side income, renting is a good idea to have a private garage separate from your own home for your shop to do the auto repairs, install lifts, and keep your DIY tools without using outside spaces.

Where Can I Find a Private Garage to Rent?

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If you've read this far into the article, you can probably answer this question for yourself. The answer is by renting using Stache! 

There is a lot of risks involved in going the public storage unit rental route. No one ever checks on your items for you. Your items will be a sitting duck on that property.

By renting through Stache, you're embracing the personal touch of a member of your community. They'll be more caring of your items and receive them as if they were their very own.

Use Stache online to pay for a private garage for your car, not only can you give up your parking woes but, you can build a real personal relationship with the host that you book the per month rental space through instead of an impersonal exchange for an hour or two. They can update you at any time and allow you to come pick up items at your convenience!

Rent Private Garages Through Stache

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to find a private garage to rent, be sure to use it to your advantage.

And remember, for any other questions, be sure to log on to our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.