Car Storage in Buffalo, NY: Creative and Affordable Solutions

Need affordable long-term or short-term car storage in Buffalo, NY? Here’s everything you need to know about our solutions and how we work with you.

car storage in buffalo, ny

Car Storage in Buffalo, NY: Creative and Affordable Solutions

Over 57% of American households own more than one car.

The number of houses and apartments able to store two or more vehicles is declining.

These trends are posing a small problem for many Buffalo-based American families.

As home storage shrinks, more families are looking for a safe place to store their cars. Car storage gives families a safe space to store their extra vehicles while freeing up valuable space at home.

With greater demand and rising storage unit costs, where can you find cheap car storage in Buffalo, NY? Check out these creative and affordable solutions to finding car storage near you!

Why You Need Buffalo Car Storage

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Most homes and apartments only have space for one car. If you have more than one car, you probably don’t want to leave it out in your driveway.

Investing in a car storage space is the perfect solution for storing the vehicles you rarely use. Here are a few benefits of storing your car in Buffalo, NY.

More Space

A big advantage of car storage is it gives you more space in your home and yard. No longer will you have to play musical cars to access your driveway your garage. Those with limited parking don’t need to worry about parking their car on the street.

You can enjoy more yard, garage, and driveway space by parking your vehicle in storage. This can improve the look of your home and keep your neighbors happy.

Lower Risk of Theft

Parking your vehicle outside on the street or in your driveway puts it at risk for theft. Car theft happens every day and when you least expect it.

Thieves won’t hesitate to break into a car parked in your driveway in broad daylight. They may loot items from inside your vehicle or take your entire vehicle.

Reliable car storage offers security to lower your risk of car theft.

Less Risk of Accidents

Parking your vehicle on the street or in your driveway leaves it susceptible to all sorts of potential accidents. Inclement weather can rain hail and break tree branches onto your vehicle.

A child learning to ride a bike may scratch the side of your vehicle. Another vehicle may hit your car, breaking lights, side mirrors, or bumpers.

Eliminate these risks by storing your vehicle in a safe and secure storage space.

More Benefits

The benefits of car storage don’t end there. Car storage is a great solution for those needing a safe place to store their vehicle in Buffalo, NY. 

Your auto insurance provider may lower or eliminate insurance rates on your vehicle while it's in storage, saving you even more money.

Are you or your family going on an extended vacation? Store your car in a secure car storage space while you’re gone. You’ll rest easy knowing your vehicle is in a safe place while you’re gone.

Identify Your Storage Needs

You and your family have decided car storage is the right solution for you. Before you begin your search, you’ll need to identify your storage needs. These needs will ultimately depend on the size and nature of your vehicle.

Do you have an old car or truck you use for work or let your teen drive? You can cut costs by opting for outdoor storage space.

Do you have a new high-end sports car? You may want to invest more in indoor storage space. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to find a quality car storage unit near you.

Measure the length, width, and height of your vehicle. A car storage space that’s too small will be useless and one that’s too large may cost you more. Look for car storage that fits your vehicle with some extra space so you can access the doors, trunk, and hood as needed.

From there, you’re ready to start your car storage search!

Know Your Car Storage Options

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If you’re like most car owners, your first idea of a car storage space is the traditional storage unit.

Sure, these storage options are great and come with several features based on your needs. They also have several disadvantages such as high rental rates, unreliable security, and have inconvenient locations.

Fortunately, there are better car storage solutions available.

There are many homeowners in Buffalo, NY who have extra garage and driveway space. Rather than leave these spaces empty and unused, some people will rent these spaces to others to use for storage.

The best part about private storage is it’s cheaper and more reliable than other storage options. Most homeowners rent these spaces to earn extra money on the side and not as a main source of income. The result is cheaper storage rates for you.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the most popular car storage options available.

Rent a Closed Storage Space

A closed or indoor storage space is a storage area complete with walls, a ceiling, and a door. These offer the greatest protection from the elements, pests, and potential thieves.

You can find these options at a traditional rental facility but they will cost you.

The Private Garage

Save money by looking for homeowners who are willing to rent extra garage space. You’ll enjoy far cheaper rates and better security.

Most garage owners live on the same property as their garage. They’ll be able to keep an eye on your stored car when they’re home. Others may have home security systems as an extra layer of protection.

Need a climate-controlled car storage space? Many homeowners are renting climate-controlled garages. This is a great option for those looking for winter car storage.

Rural homeowners may have large, clean, and vacant sheds available for rent. Car collectors or those with more than one car can benefit from renting a larger space at a lower cost.

Rent an Open Space

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Cut your car storage costs even more by opting for an outdoor storage space. Outdoor car storage spaces are perfect for those looking for an affordable place to store their spare vehicle off their property.

There are several outdoor storage options available.

Driveway and Yard Space

Property owners with extra driveway or yard space will rent these spaces for people to store their spare vehicles. A significant benefit of outdoor storage is you have more space to store larger items.

Have a large work truck or full-size van to store? Outdoor car storage will offer you plenty of space while keeping storage costs low.

Depending on the property owner, you may park your vehicle in their driveway or their yard. Some places may have outdoor canopies for extra protection from the sun and rain.

A Storage Yard

Another affordable outdoor storage space is the storage yard. These are great options for car owners needing to store large work trucks, vans, or heavy work equipment. Storage yards offer plenty of extra space, 24/7 accessibility, and security.

The main drawback to any outdoor storage option is your car will be susceptible to the sun and elements. A car cover can add protection by preventing UV rays and weather from damaging the exterior of your car.

Storage Considerations

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As you find potential car storage solutions, there are several more items you’ll need to consider. When you find a potential car storage space, ask the owner about:

  • Storage accessibility
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Whether they offer long-term or short-term storage
  • Rates
  • Amenities such as electrical outlet access
  • Storage space size

As a private garage or storage space, property owners have the right to set rules or limits. Some may prefer you access your vehicle during the day or when they are home.

You’ll want to find a car storage solution that’s compatible with your car needs.

Prepare Your Vehicle For Storage

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Once you find the right car storage solution for your vehicle, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for storage.

Prepping your car for storage is an important step to ensure your vehicle stays safe and in working order throughout storage.

Make It Clean

Start by cleaning and vacuuming the interior of your vehicle. This will prevent rodents and other unwanted guests from entering your vehicle.

Battery Care

Disconnect the battery from your car when placing it in storage. A battery tender is another option that will monitor and charge your battery while it’s in storage.

Wash and Cover

Wash the exterior of your, including the wheels and undercarriage. This will prevent dirt, salt, and grime from corroding your vehicle. A cover can deter thieves while preventing dust and the elements from affecting your vehicle.

Fill the Gas Tank

Fill your gas tank at least 3/4 full to prevent moisture from building up. Those storing their vehicles in a space without climate control should add a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation.

Pump the Tires

Over time, your tires will lose air while in storage. Make sure you inflate them without going over the manufacturer’s maximum recommended PSI level.

Enjoy Safe Secure Vehicle Storage In Buffalo, NY

With the need for reliable car storage growing, more people are looking for creative ways to store their vehicles. Check out our site to make your search for the best affordable vehicle storage in Buffalo, NY quick and easy.

Have questions or want to learn more? Let us know! We’re happy to help you find the right storage solution that fits your needs.