Tips for Secure Motorcycle Storage

There are few things as freeing as the open road on your Harley Davidson. That is why you take good care of it and find the perfect motorcycle storage shed to keep it when it is not in use!

secure motorcycle storage

How long do motorcycle tires last in storage?

Before putting a motorcycle in storage for any significant length of time, it is best to fill up the tires all the way. When they sit unused on concrete or stone in changing weather conditions over an extended period like the winter, your tires can end up slightly flattened. To prevent that from occurring, you should either remove the tires or put a lift under its frame to keep the tires from making consistent contact with the hard ground.

A motorcycle's tire shelf life is 6-7 years, even if it is unused. Your storage unit needs to have sun coverage to some extent and can not be too hot or cold, and a tire will maintain the same quality and performance after long-term storage.

How to prepare a motorcycle for winter storage?

Some steps for long-term winter storage of a motorcycle include: washing and waxing the bike, applying conditioner to leather seat, changing engine oil, lubricating chains or cables as well as adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

Make sure to check tire pressure while ensuring that your vehicle is on a stand or lift so that the motorcycle does not rest solely on tires during this extended period. It is a good idea to have a motorcycle cover to prevent damage from other vehicles or accessories in your shelter.

Finally, before storing your bike you should remove the battery. Over the winter months, the cold weather conditions can cause damage that could last a long time. If not stored correctly, your motorcycle might not be ready to start again in the spring.

What size storage unit do I need for a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are expensive and can get destroyed by natural elements. To protect your bike from damage, you will need a storage unit with easy access to avoid small areas or lifting your heavy bike.

There are different types of storage unit sizes but a 5x10 storage space is large enough for most motorcycles and their accessories like helmets or jackets if they're not bulky items such as furniture. If you have a larger motorcycle with more gear like multiple helmets and coats in addition to other bikes, then consider getting a 10x10 motorcycle shed with even more space!

Can I store my motorcycle in public storage?

Due to rain and snow in the winter, motorcycle owners can not use outdoor storage space and have to take their bikes off the road until warmer days return which takes up valuable space at home. There is an easy way to store your motorcycles for winter and keep them protected from rust, dust, debris, or other things that could damage them when they are not in use. In order to protect your baby from the sun, we recommend storing it in a public storage facility or using a company like Stache is a peer-to-peer storage company that allows you to rent secure property in your neighborhood. Not only is it cheaper than traditional storage, but you also don't have to drive to public storage facilities. Think portable vehicle storage right next door! Just be sure to use a bike cover to protect it on the days you aren't driving off into the sunset!