Tips For Contractors To Find The Best Storage Spaces

Storage spaces can provide massive benefits and immediately reduce the workload for a contractor with lots of equipment.


Being a contractor can be tough as well as time-consuming since it is very important to keep a check on most of the activities that are taking place. A construction project can take up to several months, along with a lot of commitment and never-ending complications.

Setting up storage space can be a tricky task because construction equipment needs to remain in good condition even when it is not subjected to use. Contractors have to keep a check on the transportation, safety, and maintenance of their equipment.

Damaged or stolen equipment is not only a financial loss but might have a negative impact on the construction phase of the project. Hauling tools such as hammers, forklift, or even larger machinery can be a hassle. In this article, we'll talk about some tips that can play a role in preventing these issues.

- The site can be utilized

This method is not only useful for construction workers but saves the contractor from a lot of problems. A number of issues related to the transportation of machinery over distances can be resolved due to this method. Plus, it is integral to keep the owner involved in the process.

Anything from tools to sacks of concrete can be stored. The only negative part is the security when the workers are away; hence, the contractor might have to hire someone to make sure things are safe overnight. Other than that, a lot of money and stress can be avoided. Another factor to consider is the effect of varying weather conditions.

- A warehouse can be builtĀ 

Time is money, especially in this type of business! This is an ideal solution since there is a protective roof to cover the supplies the contractor has to keep an eye on. Therefore, it is protected from rain or some other type of weather changes. Also, space can be used according to the area the material will require.

However, one thing to remember is that it can be expensive, and most contractors are not willing to spend money on it. This is due to the fact that the expense could be pretty large. Also, getting locked into a long term contract is not the right solution.

- Your home could play a role

The contractor's home can also be one of the options for storage. If they have space and are willing to do so, then some, if not all, of the supplies can be kept at once. However, most of the contractors are not interested in piling up supplies at their homes. Therefore, before making any such decision, the owner needs to have a detailed discussion with the contractor.

Even though it might save some extra expenditure, again security can be an issue. In this case, the contractor will also be responsible for the transportation of the tools and machinery, so he/she has to be extra cautious. Therefore, this tip can be useful for smaller objects.

- Self-storage unit could be beneficial

There are several companies that offer self-storage units. The amount of space that is provided is according to the supplies and material; therefore, a lot of trouble can be avoided. Also, the project can become easier and hence, more profitable.

With this option, employees will have controlled access to the machinery and tools. Without any type of contract, more space can be added to fit the needs of workers. Lastly, the contractor will not have to worry about any risks and will have peace of mind due to the right environment.

In short, employees can stop by and grab what they need for the day. Moreover, the companies that start work early or work till late will still be able to access the facility grounds. This is quite a convenient option. Also, self-storage businesses are slowly gaining a lot of popularity.

- Selection of suitable site is integral

Site selection is an important factor when it comes to storage of supplies, tools, etc. There must be protection against rats, mice, snakes, birds, or any other kinds of pests. One must focus on the fact that damage to wiring and lights cannot be afforded. Many machines can have electrical problems since mice eat the insulation of the wires.

Another thing to remember is that the site should have good access and good storage for items that are not permanent. It shouldn't seem like the construction equipment is sitting around. Therefore, the maintenance of the storage yard is necessary. Also, shrink wrapping the supplies is better in the long-run.

- Joint venture is also helpful

If the contractor has a partner with the same nature of work, it could be advantageous to work together. However, the partner's items should not be forgotten in order to avoid mixing. It's a valuable option to keep a record in order to keep everything organized.

Any type of equipment put on site must be clearly identified; this means there should be labels on them, so there is no misunderstanding. Since space is being shared by two businesses, it is mandatory that there is a level of understanding in order to prevent doubts. There might be a number of issues related to access of workers when we talk about using the same space.

- Some guidelines have to be followed when a storage yard is set up

The equipment should be stored in such a way so that the engine can be started at least once a year. This is done in order to ensure the machinery is working efficiently.

It is a better idea to store equipment off the ground. Instead, it can be placed on ground level foundations which include cross-ties or even treated lumber. In order to avoid walking around the unit for identification numbers needed for inventory, it has to be stored facing the roadway.