The Perfect Guide To Organizing Your Household And De-Cluttering

Do you have clutter at home? Do you constantly try to organize everything and make it spotless but your house still looks like a mess?


Do you have clutter at home? Do you constantly try to organize everything and make it spotless but your house still looks like a mess? Well then, you are not alone, and we can help make this issue easier for you. If you want a push to help kick-start organizing your things, then keep on reading this guide in order to understand how to de-clutter your household and how to organize it.

De-cluttering made easy

Whether you are preparing your house to move in or you just need extra space at your house, having a de-cluttering session can be the perfect way to revive and refresh your household. But for some people, knowing where to start is the difficult part. If the jam-packed drawers, over-flowing cupboards and huge piles of paper are annoying you, then mentioned below are some simple steps you can take to start a less cluttered life.

1. Do little but do it often

The worst mistake that people make is they start with big things right away and tend to tackle the entire house at one; this is wrong. Don't try to tackle your whole house in a single day; if you do that, you will definitely tire yourself out. Start small and tackle a single area in a day. Try to set a time limit of up to 15 minutes in one day and do this regularly; this way, you will de-clutter your house slowly and gradually and not even get tired and frustrated.

2. get good boxes

When de-cluttering your house, the first thing you will need is plenty of good and big boxes. These boxes are where you will stash in your junk in order to donate or throw away. If you cannot do either, then these boxes are also good for storing your things in the loft; they look clean and organized. But make sure to put on labels on these boxes, so you know which box contains what.

3. recycle the books and magazines

Books and magazines are expensive, and this is why nobody likes to throw them away. However, the real question is not how much they cost but whether you will read these books again. If the answer is a flat-out no, then it is a good decision to send these books away for recycling, or you can hand them over to your local medical facility for the patients to read. This way, they do not rot in your loft, nor do they go to waste; in fact, they help you bring a smile on people's faces.

4. clothes are the worst

Having a bulging closet is something we all are guilty of. Nobody likes to throw away their shirts, and we're always ready to add in new ones.  Think about it, do you have no storage space left at all for clothes and yet there are many clothes you will never wear? Keeping clothes that you can later slim into is a very bad idea. And by the time you fit into them, there will be plenty of new designs that you will rather buy. So, if you have clothes that you are waiting to wear and they take up a lot of space in your closet, then do yourself a favor and donate them. You can even sell them if they are brand new and untouched but do not keep stacking them as this is the main reason for all the clutter.

5. do away with the heirlooms

Ditching an heirloom is no doubt a very hard and difficult decision to make, and nobody wants to do that. But if you really think about it, a cupboard space filled with heirlooms is just space that is wasting away. Instead of storing these precious items, why not pass them on to your other family members that may make better use of them? Similarly, isn't it a smart idea to put together all the pieces that have been given to you and put them in a self-storage box instead of your cupboard until you can decide what to do with them?

This way you will get some cupboard space for yourself, and at the same time, the heirlooms you have won't rust away.

6. get rid of the clutter, don't rearrange it

It is very tempting to simply go out and buy yourself some new shelves or cupboards in order to organize the things you have. This is an effective strategy for the short term, but in the long run, this does not help you solve anything. Instead of finding better ways to rearrange your clutters, you must be ruthless and try to throw all the junk away.

If you don't act strong, then you may end up storing more junk as time passes and organizing will become an impossible task for you to do.

7. be finicky when it comes to paperwork

In a chaotic and cluttered household, the place that suffers a lot from clutter is the office desk. Whether it is a simple letter you need to reply to, documents you need to keep safe for the long term, or bills that need filling, what starts out as a neat and clean pile of a week's work can often disintegrate into chaos and clutter after a month. It is important that you sort out everything as soon as you can and if you are late, then you do not need to worry either.

Simply try to set up an easy and good filing system for the things you need to keep safe; take colorful stickers and stick them with tags such as 'letter,' 'bill' and 'important documents.' Invest in good folders, and you can even scan your papers and store them digitally in order to get rid of the mess.


Whenever your de-cluttering time of the day comes up, keep in mind that you do not need to throw away everything. If you cannot store the products at home and can't throw it away either, then self-storage is the best option for you. Plus, with the collection and delivery services offered, you also don't have to worry about transporting your items.