Looking for Boat Storage Near Me? Our 5 Creative Solutions

What is the best boat storage near me? The professionals at Stache are here to help with five creative solutions for you to consider.


Looking for Boat Storage Near Me? Our 5 Creative Solutions

Investing in a boat is an investment in limitless fun on the water! You, your friends, and your family will make unforgettable memories while cruising the waters in your new boat.

Since buying a boat is a big investment, you want to take care of it, right? Most people wonder how and where they can find the best boat storage near them. Fortunately, there are many practical and affordable ways you can store your boat during both the boating season and the off-season.

Boat storage is a necessary way to protect your boat. Without it, your boat is susceptible to damage from the elements, water, sun, and more. You don’t want to discover your boat needs expensive repairs when you take it out of storage.

Do you need a place to store your boat? Check out these five creative solutions to help you find boat storage near me!

Why Would You Need Boat Storage?

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Boat storage is simply a place where you can store your boat for short or long amounts of time. Placing your boat in storage will protect it during the off-season and keep it in tip-top shape for your next outing.

There are many different ways you can store your boat. Your boating needs and storage preferences will ultimately help you decide which option is best for you.

The two main solutions for boat storage are indoor and outdoor storage. Indoor storage is an indoor space with walls and a ceiling designed to protect your boat from the elements.

Outdoor storage is a space where you can store your boat outside. Some outdoor boat storage solutions may have an awning or roof to cover the top of the boat. For the most part, however, outdoor storage options will leave your boat susceptible to the elements.

From these two main storage solutions, you can find various indoor and outdoor methods of storing your boat. Garages and indoor storage facilities are a couple of indoor places you can store a boat. Marina storage, yard storage, and self-storage facilities are great outdoor options for storing your boat.

When choosing which option is best for you, you’ll need to determine your budget, your ideal storage location, and what your investment is worth to you. If you bought a new, expensive, and top-of-the-line boat, you might want to invest in a secure indoor storage area. Those with an older rugged boat may prefer to save a few dollars by storing their boat outdoors.

Let's go over some options.

1. Garage Storage

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Do you want a safe and private location to store your boat? Garage storage is an excellent cost-effective storage option.

Garage storage is a large garage that’s spacious enough to fit a boat. You can find private home garages and large industrial garages, like storage units, available for storing a boat.

If you have a large garage at home, you’re in luck. A home garage is a great place to store a boat. You’ll be able to store your boat on your property in a space you know is safe and secure. You also get the added benefit of accessing your boat whenever you want or need it.

Want to go for a late-night boat cruise in the middle of the week? No problem, simply open your garage and take your boat wherever you want to go.

Many people have extra unused space in their spacious garages. You can find private homeowners open to renting their garage space for storage.


Garage storage boasts many great benefits. The primary benefit being they’re more convenient than any other long-term or winter boat storage option. If your home garage is large enough, you can save money and time by storing your boat at home.

Garage storage offers increased security and protection. Most garages have a roof, wall, and a door to protect your boat from the outdoor elements or unwanted guests and pests. A home garage offers more security as many homeowners have some form of home security system on their property.

Those renting a private garage from a private party can enjoy the same benefits mentioned above, along with cheaper rent compared to a storage facility.


If you don’t have a garage at home, you will have to find another place to store your boat. When renting from a private party, you may not be able to access your boat 24/7. There are times when there aren't any garage spaces available for rent, meaning you'll need to rent a spot at a marina or a storage unit

2. Marina Storage

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Marina storage, also known as wet storage, is a very convenient way to store your boat. This outdoor storage option is great for those who regularly use their boat or want easy access to the water. Storing your boat in a marina is ideal for areas or seasons where the temperature doesn’t dip below freezing.

To take advantage of marina boat storage, you will need to purchase a marina slip, which is similar to purchasing a parking spot. The cost for a marina slip varies and depends upon the size and length of your boat. Those in warmer climates can store their boats in marina storage year-round.

If you choose to store your boat at a marina, you may want to check on it at least once every week.


Wet storage allows you to leave your boat docked in the water, making it easy to access and use your boat. Marina storage is the best option for those who regularly use their boat at least once per week or more. You have the option to store your boat in wet storage temporarily or for a long period of time.

Marina boat storage areas use docks shared by multiple boaters. This is a great way for you to meet other fellow boaters and socialize. If you’re storing your boat for a long period of time, you may persuade a boat neighbor to check on your boat while you’re away.

With marina storage, your boat is ready to use at the marina. You don’t need a truck and trailer to bring it to the marina.


Wet storage is a form of outdoor storage, meaning your boat will be outside and exposed to the elements and the sun. The underside of your boat is susceptible to aquatic pests like algae and barnacles due to remaining in the water for extended periods of time.

Since many people share dock space at a marina, there’s a greater risk of another boater damaging your boat. Some dock fees for marina storage can be incredibly high, depending on location.

Marina security isn’t the best and can leave your boat vulnerable to accidental damage, or worse, theft.

3. Dry Dock Stack Storage

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Dry dock storage is a great option for those who want to keep their boat near the marina but out of the water. Dry dock boat storage is a warehouse near the marina designed to store boats. Some are large enough to safely stack stored boats on top of each other, allowing more people to rent storage space.

With this type of storage, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor storage. Your boat is less likely to incur damage, and there’s a greater amount of security with indoor storage.

Some dry dock facilities will allow you to call ahead to have your boat retrieved from storage. The facility will retrieve your boat for you and have it ready in the water by the time you arrive at the marina. You can find some dry dock facilities offering extra services, like boat cleaning, for an additional cost.


This convenient boat storage solution makes accessing and using your boat quick and easy. You don’t have to haul your boat to the marina or find another place away from the marina to store your boat.

The increased level of security with dry stack storage keeps your boat safe and doesn’t require you to check on it every week. You also don’t need to worry about aquatic pests or other boaters damaging your boat.


The increased convenience and security of dry boat storage mean you’ll pay a premium price for storing your boat. Some places will charge the monthly rental fee based on the length of your boat. The marina location will impact the cost, with more desirable locations costing more.

Most dry boat storage facilities have specific hours of operation. If you enjoy going for late-night cruises, you may not have access to your boat at night when the facility closes.

Dry boat storage isn’t the most cost-effective boat storage solution. Those looking to keep their storage costs down may want to opt for another storage option.

4. Outdoor Self-Storage

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One of the most affordable ways to store your boat is to opt for outdoor self-storage. You’ll have the option of storing your boat on your property, at an outdoor storage facility, or at a private residence.

If you have space, storing your boat in your yard, driveway, or beside your house will be the most convenient and cost-effective outdoor boat storage option. If you don’t, you’ll need to consider off-premise outdoor storage.

Most storage facilities have spacious lots available for customers to store extra vehicles, RVs, and boats. You can even leave your boat on the trailer when you store it. To put it simply, you can rent an outdoor parking spot to store your boat.

This option is much cheaper than traditional boat storage solutions and often gives you 24/7 access to your boat. The drawback is you’ll miss out on the benefits of having extra security and protection.

Some private homeowners may have extra space on their property that they rent out. This can sometimes be cheaper and provide your boat with extra security.


The primary advantages of outdoor self-storage are its affordability and ease-of-access. You may able to find outdoor storage facilities with roofs over their parking lots and others near rivers or lakes. Some facilities may offer extra features such as boat maintenance and transportation to nearby bodies of water.


Besides exposure to the elements, other disadvantages of outdoor boat storage include less protection, being farther away from bodies of water, and the requirement that you need to transport your boat. This can pose a problem for those who don’t have a truck and trailer to move their boat.

5. Indoor Storage Facility

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An indoor storage facility is simply an indoor space that allows you to park and store your boat. The size of your boat will determine what size storage unit you’ll need.

Most indoor storage units come in 10x10 ft, 10x20 ft, and 10x30 ft or larger. Larger storage spaces will cost you more money.

An indoor storage facility is a great boat storage solution as it offers protection, security, and often costs less than the traditional boat storage options near the marina. You can find units complete with climate control and electric hookups.


Opting for an indoor storage facility is more affordable than dry boat storage. Your boat will have additional protection and security. Additional features like climate control will ensure extreme temperatures won’t affect your boat.


Indoor storage facilities with extra features will cost more, although some are comparable to the cost of dry boat storage. You’ll also need to check that the indoor storage facility is drive-up accessible to ensure you can fit your boat in the unit.

You will lose out on having your boat near the marina. If you have a truck and trailer, accessing and moving your boat shouldn’t be a problem.

Tips for Storing a Boat

Before you put your boat in storage, you’ll want to invest in a boat cover to protect the interior and top of your boat. This will help keep unwanted pests out of your boat and protect it from the elements, dust, dirt, and other debris that could damage it.

How to Find Boat Storage Near Me?

Proper boat storage is necessary to protect your boat and keep it in good working order during the winter or whenever you’re not using your boat. There are many great ways you can store your boat to fit your budget and your boating needs.

Are you curious about where to find boat storage near me? Let us know! We’re happy to help you find the best storage options for you and your boat.