Important Tips To Follow When Moving Out Of Your Dorm Room In College

It is difficult to keep track of time when you are having fun, especially when you are away at college.


It is difficult to keep track of time when you are having fun, especially when you are away at college. You tend to accomplish so many things and have met so many new people that leaving it can be a tough and emotional decision to make. But this decision is important because moving on is a part of life; now you must pack and say all your goodbyes. However, doing this at the last minute can be very time-consuming, which is why it is important that you know when to start and how.

Follow our tips mentioned below to know how to move out of your dorm room without packing it all in a single day.

1. start to pack before finals arrive

The mistake that most college graduates make is they wait until the last day of moving out and then start to pack. This maximizes your stress, and since you need to be on your flight on time, it can result in the misplacement of important documents such as degrees and report cards. Instead of making this mistake, it is a smart decision to pack before the final week begins; this way you can make use of your study break and will not have to pack it all in a single day.

You can start by emptying your drawers and closets, and you can take down your decorations and defrost your mini-fridge. Once you get through with the finals, you can relax since all your work will be done; simply transport your things to your car, and you’ll be good to go.

2. try to take some valuables home beforehand

Throughout your entire time in college, there will be a lot of things you’ve collected. Since you’ll be visiting your parents on holidays, it is a smart idea to take important documents that you won’t need in the future along with your books with you. This way, you can minimize the stuff in your dorm room and also get packed up quickly even if you do it at the last minute.

3. Go through your books and papers

Once your finals are finished, the first thing you should focus on is your old books and assignments and what to do with them. When it comes down to your past papers, if you are proud of them or will need them in the future for reference, then you can keep them, otherwise throw them away. Similarly, only keep your textbooks if you know that you will read them again in the future otherwise, try to sell them to the students who will need them.

Meanwhile, if you have rented them, give them back to your college’s bookstore instead of letting them weigh your bags down.

4. Do not pack essentials

Another most common mistake people make is they tend to pack all their essentials such as soap, conditioner, toothbrush, etc. before moving out. This is a very dumb mistake because you will need some clothes and toiletries even on the last day and frantically tearing through your boxes in search for a toothbrush sounds like a stupid thing to do. Instead, you can pack these things on the day you leave the dorm room; keep in mind that your bed must be the last thing you pack.

5. Make use of storage bins

Packing your car can be very easy when using objects that are regularly shaped, such as large plastic storage bins and even boxes. When packing, avoid the use of grocery sacks and trash can bags. Also, since these bins and boxes are of the same shape, you can easily put them on top of another and carry them down to your car.

Also, make sure only to choose strong and study bags such as the ones found at the store; don’t forget to use duct tape in order to seal them properly.

6. inspect the room before moving out

Since you’ll be living in residence halls, there are certain things you must keep a keen eye on in order to avoid dealing with fines. Some ideas to get you started include dusting off your furniture, scrubbing your washrooms, vacuuming the carpets and even mopping and sweeping the tile floors. Also, focus on emptying your trash can since you can get fined for it as well.

Furthermore, residence life can be very strict, and you will be held accountable for damages that you cause in your temporary living space. In order to avoid hefty charges, make sure that you go through any damage that you see and even get it fixed no matter how small and minor it is.

7. get a storage unit

If you happen to be across the states or even in another country, then it can be a smart idea to invest in storage if you will be returning for the next semester. This way, all your belongings will be in a single place and will be kept organized until you can get back to the campus. The sooner you buy yourself storage, the sooner you will be able to pack your dorm room and move out.

8. conclusions

Moving out of your dorm room is an emotional yet essential process. You need to focus on your packing as well as saying goodbye to your friends who have been like your family. You will need to find good, sturdy boxes and start to pack in stuff and also make sure to hang out with your friend even at the last minute. To make this process easy for you, you can start your packing a few weeks before the finals and take fifteen minutes out every day. This way, you will not be burdened on your last day, nor will you forget anything.