How to Start a Landscaping Business

Ever thought about starting your own landscaping business? Check out this complete guide to get started building.

How to Start a Landscaping Business

Landscaping businesses are in charge of designing and maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces for homes. There is a range of services from basic gardening to full-service installations that can include something elaborate like gardens with water features!

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Steps to Starting a Landscaping Business

  1. Think about why you are starting a landscaping business
  • If you are looking for a way to make your dreams come true, then getting into landscaping may be perfect. Not only can this business allow financial stability and flexibility like no other industry does, but it also offers the reward of seeing projects completed right before your eyes as well as receiving praise from satisfied clients.
  1. Understand the industry
  • Overall landscaping is building and designing a creative landscape that is attractive and practical for each client. Professionals in this industry work on projects based on both interior and exterior design and architecture. The gardening or outdoor landscaping industry is responsible for mowing lawns, fertilizing, raking leaves, maintaining surfaces, etc.
  1. Choose a successful marketing plan
  • When creating your marketing plan, decide who your potential customers are and to reach them. Word of mouth can be very successful with getting your company name in the market by asking your clients to recommend your business to others. You can also post your advertisements and services on different social media. Social media is used by almost everyone in society today, so it can help bring a new wide variety of customers.
  • Marketing your company to the best of your ability can help you influence customers to want your services over competitors within the industry.  
  1. Name your company and identify goals and objectives you wish to achieve
  • A good, solid first impression is essential to making yourself stand out in a competitive market today. A catchy name can help you get the attention of possible clients and set your company apart from others with similar products or services.
  • Before you start your new business, make sure to identify the specific goals of this venture. Having objectives to strive for can help your business grow successfully.
  1. Get a business license and the required insurance
  • Landscaping companies often find themselves at an advantage because the lawn care industry does not require multiple licenses to start working with clients. It can vary depending on which state because sometimes different states require more than one license or insurance before setting up your business.
  • Another option for success is opening a business bank account and a credit card. A business bank account helps make bookkeeping and tax filing easier as well as helps keep expenses separated. Business credit cards typically offer better terms than personal cards with higher limits that can have added benefits.
  1. Decide the type of equipment necessary
  • The types of lawn maintenance you offer will determine which specific equipment is going to be needed. You can start by renting more expensive tools, then buy them as your business grows and improves over time. Some equipment or tools that could be necessary are a ride or push mower for mowing lawns, shovel, and trimmer for landscape design, etc.
  1. Determine prices based on the services offered
  • When you decide on service prices, you should understand the price ranges set by each region to help create your own based on the standard. It can depend on location, level of expertise, and specific services offered. It is also a good idea to look at what prices your competitors have set for their services to decide what is right for your business.
  1. Hire employees
  • When you are ready to grow your company, you can hire a team that can help give your business the best reputation. Employees do not need to be landscaping professionals but should be willing to work hard and be trustworthy. Providing the best customer service can help bring in new customers as well as keep the current customers.
  1. Establish hourly rates
  • The hourly rate you decide on for your company is not permanent, so you can try different prices to see what helps your company get the most projects. You can compare how long it takes to complete one project and how much money you would like to make in a day and choose the best price to be successful. If you decide on a rate that is too expensive, your company could end up losing money to competitors.
steps to starting a landscaping business

Can Owning a Landscaping Company Be a Challenge During the Off-Season?

Owning a lawn care business can be difficult when it comes to the length of your work season due to the temperature in your region. When it comes to the end of the fall and beginning of the winter season, you can start offering services to help set up lawns for the more brutal climate. Some examples of these services are raking leaves and fertilizing.

The best approach you can take is to complete as many projects as you can during the busy season to make enough funds to get you through the struggling months. To help continue making earnings in the off-season, you can offer snow plowing or salting walkways and driveways. This time of year can also be an opportunity to catch up on things you didn't have much chance for during the busy season.

What Does It Cost to Start a Landscaping Business?

The expenses of starting a business vary based on your goals, objectives, and the size of your company. The landscaping industry can require a hefty investment that averages between $5,000 and $20,000 from the starting point.

There are a few ways you can lower the expense of starting up your own business. Starting with buying used equipment or renting equipment is often cheaper than buying new equipment. When you have limited finances at the start, it is a good idea to reduce costs wherever you can.

How Much Can You Make as a Landscape Business Owner per Year?

The average salary of a landscaping business owner can depend on how many projects you have completed each year. It also depends on the state in which you are a business owner. On average, your salary ranges from around $30,000-$70,000 each year. In your first year of business, your salary can range from $5,000-$50,000, but your income will increase as your business as a whole grows. The more jobs you complete, commercial or residential, the higher your earnings will be.