How to Start a Computer Repair Business In 2022: Pros and Cons

If you are tech savvy, starting a computer repair business could be the perfect job for you.

how to start a computer repair business in 2022

It’s 2022, computers aren’t going anywhere and are getting more and more expensive for consumers. If you are tech savvy, starting a computer repair business could be the perfect job for you. This costly and unfortunate event for most can become your money making machine.

Computers, like most electronic devices, wear out over time and therefore will need to be replaced or repaired. For those who have already shelled out thousands of dollars for their precious machines, aren’t just going to walk into Apple or Best Buy looking to buy the latest and greatest model to replace it with. 99% will take it to a local repair shop in hopes an IT genius can help rescue their precious device.

If you have a technical background or have trained yourself on all things computers, tablets, or phones, a computer repair and maintenance business could be the perfect job for you.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in starting a computer repair business as well as initial costs that one should take into consideration before beginning a new venture. Listed below are the steps you should take if you are considering this venture.

Fix Computers From Your Home

Most computer repair shops will want to see past experience or college degrees in computer science. To bypass this screening part one could launch a company from their own home. Having a home based business affords you flexibility around working hours and the types of computer repair services you want to offer. If you don’t have the space in your house, you can also commute to clients homes and fix issues there. Working from home or performing house calls will eliminate costs which in turn will help you create a profit faster.

Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Workspace and Tools Needed

While most repairs can be done with your hands and a screwdriver or two, you may need to purchase software. Make sure to add these expenses into your business plan.

Create a Business and Marketing Plan!

When considering your business structure, examine whether you need to open an LLC, S corp, or if you are a sole proprietor. This will need to be established for tax purposes. Next, figure out how you are going to finance your business. Will you need to take out a loan, draw from savings or partner with an outside investor. By establishing cost, you can set goals for projected income and expenses. Listed below are a few other steps that will need to be addressed in your business plan.

  • Obtain a business license if required in your area
  • Sign up for business insurance
  • Market yourself through social media or business cards/brochures
  • Decide who your customer base is (small businesses, individuals, etc.)

Decide What Services You Will Offer

While drafting your business plan, decide what types of repair services you will offer. Services range from server maintenance, malware removal, personal computer repair, screen repair,


One of the most important factors when starting your own business is how you are going to finance it. This is where you should spend the most time when writing up your business plan. Make sure to include the startup costs, equipment costs and other operating expenses you will need to have set aside until you become profitable. If you haven't saved up, look into loans, outside investors or even crowdfunding with your friends and family.

We also recommend jotting down your plans and goals for the first five years. This will help you stay committed and focused on your new endeavor.

Advantages of Starting a Computer Repair Business

Computers will be around until the end of time. Therefore, this is a stable and in-demand service that will provide you with a steady pool of clients. Listed below are some pros of diving into this industry.

  • Flexible schedule and working hours
  • Startup costs are minimal! Just need some simple tools, a computer of your own, software and your hands!
  • Large stream of clients - even young-adults have their own computers now!
  • Offer your services to small businesses or startups! Networking is always a good idea when starting a new business.

Disadvantages of Starting a Computer Repair Business

In any business you will always find disadvantages but those in this industry aren’t too hard to overcome.

  • Will need good communication skills to explain the issues of technology to your clients
  • Can be expensive when it comes to acquiring new clients
  • You may need a business license and insurance in your city in order to perform repair services
  • Depending on your town you may have competition with big companies such as Best Buy’s Geek Squad.
  • Depending on the type of computer issue, you may need to invest in additional tools or hardware/software supplies.