How To Sort Out Your Apartment Space: Live Smartly by Storing Wisely!

Living in a small apartment is hard. But, living a messy and disorganized life is even harder.


Living in a small apartment is hard. But, living a messy and disorganized life is even harder. Because you’re running out of space nearly all the time, your entire apartment becomes one huge mess. The struggle is real; finding out smelly socks from under your bed or having bundles of toilet paper rolls in your bathroom. And you’re forced to re-think; is your life messier or your apartment?

If you’re someone who’s complaining of less space in your apartment, then you surely need to give a read to these storage solutions. These clever and unique ways can completely transform your apartment by creating more space. It will leave you with a feeling of immense pleasure and satisfaction when you’ll come back from work to see neatly stacked piles of clothes or properly organized shelves. The habit of organizing your apartment will induce a sense of responsibility in you, as you discover the actual joy of living in a spacious apartment.

The Bedroom

Clearing up space in your bedroom calls for an entire weekend of de-cluttering and giving away unused items. Since the bedroom is the most frequently used in any apartment, it is crucial to keep it tidy at all times. When you come back tired from your office, your bedroom should be a comfortable place to reside in.

Do you really need it?

Start by categorizing all the stuff you own as ‘Necessary’ and ‘Unnecessary.’ Remove all the items you don’t use whether it may be used clothes, expired makeup products, old books, or broken decoration items. Toss it all out in a large box.

When you’re left with the essentials, it is time to get onto the actual work.

Chaos under the bed

Take out everything that you have stuffed under your bed. Clear away space by removing old wrappers and dust because the underside of your bed can serve as a great storage space. Put your paints, colors, and markers in a large shoebox and place the shoebox under your bed. Apart from this, you can also keep various photo albums or collections of various items in small boxes under your bed. This will immensely give space to your bedroom because your bed can be a savior of rarely used items.

Sort that drawer out

All the important stuff and items for daily use should be placed in drawers for easy access. This may include your watch, office files, and other important accessories. You can also create more space in your drawers by having separate compartments for keeping different items. This will help you to sort your stuff easily.

Makeup products deserve a separate drawer because girls have a wide range of these. Separately place the makeup products for eyes, lips, cheeks, and for the face. You can also purchase makeup racks for better organization.

Similarly, jewelry boxes are perfect for keeping your hairpins, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Clearing your closet

The majority of the apartments have very tiny closets which create a hindrance in selecting the right dress every morning. For this purpose, it is advisable to hang your clothes in separate hangers for shirts and skirts. You can fold your jeans and place them below the hanging dresses to utilize maximum space. Prefer organizing your clothes according to color and daily use. Formal dresses and party-wear should be kept separately. Adhesive hooks are perfect for hanging your belts, scarves or purses.

Place shelves everywhere!

Shelves minimize the utilization of ground space and increase the overall look of your room by giving it a stylish appearance. Place your decoration items, photo frames, etc. on tiny racks or shelves on the wall. Also, instead of piling books on your side table, you can simply place a book rack on the wall and line up your books on it. This will give your bedroom a trendy and chic look. Hang paintings and mirrors on the walls because they give a spacious addition to your room.

The bathroom

It is a herculean task to keep bathrooms spick and span because of the crowded spaces they have to offer. Your apartment should be perfected in each room; thus, it’s time to transform your bathroom as well.

Hang that stuff away

The first and foremost step is to hang small racks and holders on the wall of the bathroom. These holders are efficient for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste so that the area around the sink remains cleared up. Try keeping the majority of the creams, lotions, and serums within the racks on walls.

Also, stick adhesive hooks on the wall to hang your towels and clothes. You will be amazed by how much space is created.

Categorizing products

Arrange your products in separate racks and holders. Keep items of day-use separately from the items of night-time use. Throw away any expired products so that less space is taken up. De-clutter the wide array of products you have and only keep the essentials.

Say no to bathtubs

Some apartments’ bathrooms have a bathtub fitted in them. Bathtubs occupy a great deal of space and should be removed instead. You don’t need a bathtub when you can take a bath standing as well. It will clear up a great deal of space so that you can freely enjoy the extended area of your bathroom.

The kitchen

If your apartment features a small kitchen with no adequate storage for food, then do not be disappointed. Instead of accepting this problem, learn to pack away things in containers and racks, so they occupy less space.

Be smart with containers

Buy some clear canisters from the store, and pour out your dry ingredients in them. This may include rice, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, spices, toffees, etc. Instead of overloading your kitchen countertop with separate packaging for each product, these canisters will be highly functional for creating storage space. They also add a minimalist yet modern touch to your kitchen.

Insert cabinets and racks

For managing your utensils, it is advisable to use racks and cabinets. Keep away the spoons, forks, knives in small racks that occupy a very little space on the counter. Free the area around the kitchen sink from piles of dishes and plates by inserting a tiny cabinet above the sink. Hence, the next time you wash your dishes, it will be a treat to place them in the rack above and get rid of sloppy, wet counters.

You can also hang a separate rack over the stove to place your recipe cookbooks and magazines on the wall. Consider placing baskets on the top above kitchen cabinets.

Hanging pots and pans

Larger pans and cutlery always requires the greatest space. Trying to stuff these pots and pans in tiny shelves will only turn out to be a great mess. For this purpose, try getting a steel or metal rod with hooks where you can hang your pots and pans. Adhesive hooks can also be placed on the side of kitchen cupboards to hang ladles, spatulas, whisks or cooking spoons.

To improve the overall design, there is always room for open shelving. You can display a cute collection of cups, plates, or coffee mugs on the shelves of your kitchen.

Making the most out of your space

Remember, living with less space doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. You just have to be smarter about organizing and storing your belongings. Remember to place things up and not out for storage options. Always keep in mind that less is more.

Simple yet spacious rooms turn out to be the most comfortable places. Hence your apartment is in your hands. Set out a weekend to transform your apartment for the right purposes and live in your space freely!