How To Prepare Items For Your Storage Unit

Learn how to properly prepare your items to be stored in a storage unit.


Are you planning on moving soon? Whether you are looking for a place to temporarily store your stuff while you unpack, or you need a long-term solution for your mess, renting a storage unit is the best option for people thinking of relocating. Even with so many storage facilities present, you should be able to pack your items properly in order to store them in the right way.

Many people tend to throw everything one over the other and make a mess out of their unit. That is fine, but then you may not find what you need when you need it. Instead, it is important that you prepare your items for storage properly. Mentioned below are tips on how to prepare your items for storage in a clean way.

1. Research about the restrictions of your unit

The first thing you must do before packing for your storage unit is to do your own homework and know what items can and cannot be stored in your unit. Some common items that storage units restrict are usually dangerous items such as paint, chemicals, fertilizers, fireworks, gasoline, explosives, propane tanks, and narcotic. Remember this; if the thing you want to store is explosive, then it cannot be stored inside the storage unit at all.

Other no-storage items are medicine, perishable goods, and plants.

2. Decide on the person items you want to store

Throwing away anything from your house can be a difficult decision because, at this time, everything seems to have sentimental value. Even the things lying on the floor of your bedroom for the past seven months seem to be dear to you. When storing your things, you must have a cold heart and think of the things you will really need. If the thing is not useful, valuable or sentimental, then try to donate it or sell it; whatever is good for you.

3. Create an inventory list of all your items

In the midst of moving and the chaos created along with it, you can easily forget what you should put in your storage. So before you start packing up, it is better that you create a long inventory list of all the items that you want to store. From pictures, paintings to even furniture pieces and the smaller knick-knacks, you should put everything in the list. This way, you can keep all your things organized in a clean and tidy way.

Also, make sure that you have a copy of the list, one with you and one safe and taped inside the storage unit, so you do not have to look for things when you need it.

4. Make sure to vacuum and clean your belongings

There is nothing worse than going to retrieve something from the storage unit, only to have it be filled with a musty and mildew scent. To make sure that this does not happen, it is absolutely critical that you clean all your items thoroughly before you place them inside a storage unit.

Once your items are clean, there will be no pungent smell, and will also be clean for you to hold and use. It is recommended that you wipe down all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaning spray, vacuum your chairs and couch cushions and even use disinfectant wipes to clean all your appliances and other things.

5. Make use of plastic bins

When you reach the point of packing, it is recommended that you place your things inside clear plastic bags that are airtight. This way, you can easily see what is stored inside these bags when you visit the storage unit. You will have to search through your belongings frantically for a certain book or any other miscellaneous item. Instead, through these plastic bags, you can find what you are looking for right away.

6. If you plan on using boxes, label them

If you do not prefer using plastic bags instead, then it is advised that you get cardboard boxes instead and label them clearly. Make sure that the boxes you buy are sturdy enough and can withstand storage in the long term. Since you won’t be able to see inside the cardboard box, you need to be careful with them and label them properly.

Also, keep in mind that properly does not mean writing “kitchen” on the box. Here, properly means labeling the boxes with “pots, utensils, spoons, and pan.”

7. Disassemble any large items you have

Large items such as your dining table, chairs, and beds should be disassembled properly before you place them for storage. This way, not only will you be able to have more storage space in the unit, but you will also protect these items from wear and team. Also, if you own mattresses and box springs, then make sure that you store them flat inside the unit in order to prevent them from being damaged.

8. Protect your products from outside conditions

If you do not know about the temperature and condition of your unit, then you should take matters in your own hands and make sure to protect your belonging. It is important that you take proper precaution since over time, dust, mildew, and moisture can ruin your items. The first thing to do for your storage items is to dry them properly and apply a protective tan on your leather goods and furniture.

Seal your items in an airtight box and make sure to put your clothes in hanging garment bags that are also airtight. You can also get a mattress bag made for your mattress and cover all the furniture that you haven’t disassembled with a cotton sheet. This will protect your clothes and all other things from being ruined.


We’re all tight on space.  The majority of people live in small houses.  But you don’t need to let this weigh you down. Always be creative and open to storage solutions for your house. Don’t gather up junk and recycle stuff constantly because less is more. Develop a habit of cleaning and tidying things up on a daily basis to save space. At the end of the day, the simpler your house is, the more you’re going to love it!