How To Organize Your Home With No Storage Space

How can I stuff all this into such a tiny space? Why does my house look so crowded? Am I too messy to organize my home? Why do I lack storage space?


How can I stuff all this into such a tiny space? Why does my house look so crowded? Am I too messy to organize my home? Why do I lack storage space? These questions have most certainly popped up in your mind if you’re someone who lives in a small house. The struggles faced in utilizing space cannot go unnoticed as it becomes a challenge to organize various items in minimal space. Living in such a home becomes tricky where your items go missing every now and then, and where everything seems like one huge mess. You need to sort out your stuff, and it’s time to organize your home once and for all. Get rid of all the extras and always remember that simplicity is the best answer to your problems.

So relax, we’ve got it all sorted out for you! All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to organize your house. Creating storage space and de-cluttering has never been this much fun before because the rewards will surely be promising. Once you’re done arranging everything, your house will feel no less than heaven to you!

Step 1: declutter, declutter, declutter

Everyone has a bit of junk in their homes. If you think of it, even your house is loaded with stuff you don’t use very often, but it only occupies a large amount of space for no reason. And then you complain about not having enough space.

This calls for an entire weekend of de-cluttering your house. A lot of us keep many belongings safely stacked in our shelves thinking ‘What if I need to use this someday?’ But let’s face the truth; you hardly ever use these items in life. Hoarding up unnecessary stuff can be a big cause of minimal space in your house. As you get to decluttering your home, it is necessary to sort things out in boxes. Starting from a single room, take everything out and clear away the space. Now, start by labeling everything you own as ‘Stay’ or ‘Go.’ Be very choosy in selecting your items because the whole concept of decluttering revolves around keeping only what you need.

Once you’re done decluttering your house, you will realize how much of unwanted stuff you’ve been holding up for the past few years. Re-evaluate your choices once more for a final selection of the things you own. You will feel massively relieved and satisfied as you no longer have to bother with the worries of storing excessive things.

Step 2: Creating storage space

So what if your house has no storage space? You can always create your own space! This is the time to be creative and intellectual while organizing your home. Creating storage space in your house will seem a piece of cake if you follow these steps.

Measure the space

Before you head into the details, you need to have a rough idea of how much space your house occupies. Apart from the heavy furniture, the walls and doors, measure the space available in your home. After having this estimate in mind, it will become easier for you to create a mind map of where to place certain items.

Create zones

The next step is to divide larger rooms into zones so that a single room can serve many functions at the same time. For instance, your bedroom can be divided into three zones. The first zone will be the place where you place your bed and side table for relaxing in your free time. The second zone marks the placement of a study table and a small bookshelf in the room – this can serve as your workplace. And the area where you place your closet and makeup necessities will form the third zone as a dressing area.

In this way, it will become easier for you to divide stuff according to the zones and place items in different areas of your house.

Decorate up, not across

If your house is too small with limited space, yet you’re someone who loves decorating, then it is best for you to utilize vertical positions. Remove stuff from the floors and lessen ground decorations. Instead, prefer using wall hangings, paintings, and shelves to store items. This will greatly save space in your home. Add a pop of color to your decorations to make your house feel comfortable and pretty.

Maximum space utilization

For creating your own storage space, all you need to do is be creative. Think out of the box and search for spaces in your house that are of no apparent use. In this case, you can make the most out of the space under your bed, or under your stairs. Here you can safely keep items that you don’t want to display in your home. Such areas can come as a great hideaway!

Storing materials

When you’re busy storing stuff away in closets, shelves, cabinets, etc., don’t forget to keep everything accessible. Saving space can be tricky at times because you constantly need to re-think your choices. It is preferable to use tags and labels on the boxes or drawers when you store materials. Label markers give the house a professional and modified look. Make the most out of drawers, shelves, and closets because these spaces can hold a lot of items in them.

step 3: decorating your house

When it comes to decorating and designing the interior of your house, you need to be really picky about what furniture you choose to keep. For organizing a small house, you need to keep in mind tactics that will make your house look bigger.

For this purpose, mirrors can come as a great help. Placing a large mirror on the wall will immediately make the room look bigger. Prefer having high ceilings in your house, which give a spacious look to the rooms. Also, installing small windows in different rooms will keep your home warm and airy, which will keep you refreshed at all times. Moreover, a home with sliding glass doors will definitely let your space breathe.

It's not too big a deal

We’re all tight on space.  The majority of people live in small houses.  But you don’t need to let this weigh you down. Always be creative and open to storage solutions for your house. Don’t gather up junk and recycle stuff constantly because less is more. Develop a habit of cleaning and tidying things up on a daily basis to save space. At the end of the day, the simpler your house is, the more you’re going to love it!