How to Move a Washer and Dryer

Moving to a new place and wanting to take your washer dryer with you?

how to move a washer and dryer

Moving to a new place and wanting to take your washer dryer with you? While this may not look like an easy task, we have compiled a list of helpful steps to make it easier for you to bring those heavy machines to your new home.

Preparation is key when trying to move a washer and dryer. Both front-loading and top-loading appliances can be extremely difficult to move but with the proper assistance and supplies, you can save thousands of dollars by bringing them with you to your new home.

Listed below are six moving tips and tricks to protect your expensive appliances from getting damaged during your next move.

Step 1: Get Help!

Even if you deadlift at the gym, we don’t recommend you move heavy machinery by yourself. There are safety risks everyone needs to be mindful of when considering the size and weight of a washer and dryer, especially when moving them up and down stairs or into a van. Getting a family member or friend to help you will protect both yourself and the machines.

Step 2: Clean Your Washer and Dryer

Moving into a new house means new beginnings. Take time to clean your old appliances by wiping them down with household cleaning products and removing all lint from the lint trap. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean around and on both appliances. To clean the inside of the washer, you can purchase tablets that are designed to clean hard-to-reach places like the drum and drain line.

Step 3: Disconnect Your Washer and Dryer

Before you remove your appliances, make sure to disconnect the electricity through the fuse box if your appliances are wired directly to the house. If this isn’t the case you can simply unplug the electrical cords. Next, shut off the water connected to the washing machine. Third, disconnect the washer's water hose and put it in a safe place. Fourth, remove and store your dryer vents.

Step 4: Locate the Correct Moving Supplies

We have compiled a list of equipment necessary for a safe move.

  1. Gloves
  2. Moving straps
  3. Dolly
  4. Moving Blankets
  5. Wrench
  6. Shipping Bolts

Step 5: Protect Your Appliances

Cover your washer and dryer with moving blankets to protect them from hitting other objects during the move.

Step 6: Moving Day

Once you have gathered all the materials, cleaned your appliances, and protected them with blankets, it is time to move them onto the truck. When loading them, consider weight distribution. We recommend packing your washer and dryer last, allowing you to keep an eye out during the transportation process. Using ratchet tie-down straps, you can secure your washer and dryer in the standing position which will keep them stable while you drive.

If you aren't ready to move your washer and dryer to your new home just yet, consider putting them into storage close to your new residence. Make sure to check out to store with a neighbor for easy moving in the future.