How To Become A Freelance Plumber In 2022

It's 2022 and no one wants to work for another individual. It’s all about self-employment these days, and we don’t blame you.

How To Become A Freelance Plumber

It's 2022 and no one wants to work for another individual. It’s all about self-employment these days, and we don’t blame you. Who wants to sit at an office when you can work in a diverse range of industries with a flexible schedule and great income? With the freedom that comes with being a tradesman, it’s no wonder why more US citizens are starting to work for themselves.

Granted, plumbers can find themselves working extremely long days or even get calls when they aren’t scheduled to work. However, if you’re looking for more flexible opportunities, freelance plumbing is one way you can get out of those long-day commitments in addition to a great salary and weekends off.

If you’re interested in how to become a freelance plumber keep reading below.

Training/Work Experience

No one wants to put the plumbing of their home or office in the hands of someone without years of experience. Educating yourself with the trade will allow you to learn the basics, establish relationships with other professionals, and develop reputable business practices. To gain more knowledge, future plumbers must join an apprenticeship program before being qualified to work in the field. We suggest you research a master plumber to work under for the next few years. A good connection will help you advance your career. Not only will you have the basics dialed in, you will also have established a reputation working with a qualified plumber or plumbing company in your area. This recommendation will help you succeed in the future.

Create A Business Plan

After you finish your training, you should draft a business plan that will help you move forward with services on your own. When creating this plan, consider your short-term and long-term goals, cost of production, cost of materials, and how you will market yourself to future customers. Having a good business plan will allow for job security and goals to follow alongside your career path.

Understand Your Specialty

While there are a wide variety of plumbing issues, one should narrow down their specialty. Not only will this make you an expert in the field it will also narrow the search down for those looking for specific plumbing needs. For example, some will decide they want to work on pipe repairs or drain cleaning, and others will become commercial plumbers or work on home remodels.

Market Yourself Properly

While word of mouth is always great, in today's age, an online presence is a must. Build a website that gives viewers an understanding of you and the type of work you do. Add testimonials so you can gain credibility and your future clients can gain trust. There are easy-to-use websites that allow you to build your website yourself or you can hire someone on Fiverr. We also suggest finding a way to market your business on social media whether it be through sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Nextdoor. By building relationships with customers online you can build your customer base and start profiting sooner.

Be Honest To Customers

Trust in the plumbing industry is huge and a great way for one customer to pass along your telephone number to a friend or family member. Going from an employee to a freelance plumber means that you will now have to deal with customer service and maintain relationships. Ensuring quality and honest work will generate a better business reputation and in turn, make your business more profitable.

Bigger Doesn't Always Mean Better

Be strategic when it comes to your customer base. While you want to grow your plumbing business you also want to make sure you are providing excellent service. Don’t get in over your head with your workload and remember, you became your own boss to manage your own schedule. Meaning, you can enjoy your business while earning good money.


How much do freelance plumbers make? Top licensed plumbers in the industry can bring home an annual salary of around $135,000 while those starting out can make around $40,000. When examining the hourly pay for a freelance plumber in the United States we can see payout at around $28.00 per hour.