Garage for rent near me

Garage space is everywhere but people are forced to drive long distances and pay high fees at commercial locations.

garage space for rent

Wouldn’t it be nice to store your car or holiday decorations in a local garage within your own neighborhood? Garage space is everywhere but people are forced to drive long distances and pay high fees at commercial locations.

Typical parking spaces and storage options are very expensive and in terrible parts of town. Drive-up storage is also the most in-demand type of storage space and costs the most on a per-unit basis. Fierce competition exists between classic car enthusiasts and small business owners needing this garage storage space. This is where the sharing economy can shine.

Renting my garage?

Yes, garage rental is a thing! Many of us, particularly millennials and gen-z are less likely to own a car. Access to a vehicle is a priority, however, owning one is not. This creates a situation perfect for the sharing economy.

Garage space is everywhere and it creates the perfect opportunity for a side hustle. This could be renting it out for car storage, traditional storage, or even boat storage. Even parking spaces in front of your home have value to many needing somewhere to park their car or store their RV.

Airbnb has made renting a home mainstream. It’s only natural that the sharing economy expands to people listing their garage (and even their driveway) for rent.

How much can I make renting my garage?

Renting out a garage can be an incredible side hustle. Many hosts using online marketplace platforms like Stache are able to make $3,000-5,000 per year renting out their garage. This type of annual earning is typical for those listing a garage for rent in Atlanta or Nashville.

In addition, people are not just looking to store their items when they are looking for an empty space. Some people have rented garages and transformed them into their workspace to pursue their hobbies.

For example, people who are in search of a space with more square feet, like warehouse spaces, are willing to pay two to three times more for an empty garage. Garages for rent are the next evolution for the self-storage economy and rightfully so.

garage for rent

Garage for rent near me?

Many of us have probably typed this exact phrase into google looking for affordable garage space for rent as a solution to our car storage needs. Unfortunately, up until recently, most people were redirected to searching on Craigslist or dealing with expensive car storage facilities far from town.

As the sharing economy has grown, so has the interest in collaboration within the community.

Here at Stache, we enable users to connect with their community and rent a garage for a fraction of the cost of other options. This means storing in a residential neighborhood is beneficial for everyone. Now, finding a garage space for rent nearby has become a possibility and for less than a self-storage facility.

Two of the main factors that go into determining the cost of a storage unit is location and pricing. At Stache, local garage space for rent costs half of a traditional storage facility.

Many garages listed for rent have electricity, 24/7 independent access, and most importantly a person in the home keeping an eye on things. Click here to find out more information on how you can get started today!


At the end of the day, commercial real estate leases are impractical and traditional car storage is costly. The new wave of sharing economy companies are providing convenience and cost savings when it comes to finding a garage for rent nearby. They also provide a great side hustle for hosts wanting extra income working from home.