The Complete Storage Unit Size Guide

What size storage unit do you need? Check out our complete storage unit size guide to help you choose the right one for you.


Choosing the right storage unit can be tricky. Trying to visualize the difference between a 5x5 or a 10x10 is not easy. You don’t want to go too small and be left with excess items. However, you don't want to invest too much in your storage unit only to find you have excess space and are therefore paying more than you need to. 

You’re probably now scratching your head and wondering, “what size storage unit do I need?”. Well, you’re in luck. In our complete storage unit size guide we’ll answer all this and more to make sure you pick the storage unit that’s right for you

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What to do Before Determining the Storage Unit You Need

There’s a few things you need to know before determining the size and kind of storage unit that you need. 

These steps will ensure you make the right decision and don’t blow your storage budget. They include:

  1. Making a List - Firstly, do a spot of inventory. Get all your ducks in a row and write down every item that needs to go into storage. Moreover, be sure to put an asterisk against any large pieces of furniture, appliances, or awkwardly shaped items that won’t fit into boxes. 
  2. Estimate boxes - Making a list will help you get a rough idea of how many boxes you’ll need and then go out and gather some free cardboard boxes. 
  3. Take a look at our examples - In this guide, we’ll provide real-life examples of different items and whether or not they will fit into your storage unit. 

What Are the Sizes of Storage Units?

Storage units come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, instead of laying them all out at once, we’re going to separate them like fast food meal deals, going from small, medium, to large storage units.

Small Sized Storage Units

A 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit are considered the smallest options available to you. However, they can usually fit a lot more than you think. 

Here are some reasons why you might consider using a small storage unit:

  • Motorcycle storage or bicycle storage
  • Temporarily moving a room’s possessions during remodelling
  • Storage between semesters for college students
  • Decluttering a home

5x5 Storage Units

5x5 storage units require a level of creative thinking. As you can tell, they aren’t the largest and are probably only worth using if you have a few items you’re putting into storage. However, you can optimize the height of them to pack more in.

Here’s few of the items you may consider for storage in a 5x5 unit:

  • Boxes
  • Dresser
  • A Mattress
  • A Desk
  • A Christmas Tree

However, you won’t be able to store much. A 5x5 storage unit is probably best for a college student who needs to leave a few items when they go home for the summer. 

5x10 Storage Unit

A 5x10 storage unit is a slight upgrade on the 5x5 and will allow the renter to begin thinking about storing motorcycles or bicycles. Moreover, if you’re looking to redecorate or remodel a medium sized bedroom, a 5x10 storage unit might be the right one for you (unless you have a mountain of things)

Here’s some items that could fit into a 5x10 storage unit:

  • Queen or king size mattresses
  • Motorcycle
  • A Fridge
  • Couch
  • Moving Boxes

Medium Sized Storage Units

5x15 or 10x10 is considered a medium sized storage unit. They are a bit more versatile than the smaller options listed above.

Here’s a few scenarios in which you may consider medium sized storage units:

  • Storing the contents of a small apartment or condo
  • Business storage (inventory, equipment and other materials)

5x15 Storage Unit

A 5x15 storage unit is comparable in size to a large walk in closet. This option is pretty popular with people moving out of a studio apartment or small condo. Moreover, you can probably fit the contents of a large master bedroom in a 5x15 unit. 

Here’s some items you can store in a 5x15 storage unit:

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Sofa
  • Desks
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Kitchen Table and Chairs

10x10 Storage Unit

A 10x10 Storage unit is roughly half the size of a standard car garage. This can be used to store the contents of a one or two bedroom apartment. However, a two bedroom may be a little bit of a push. 

Here are some items you can store in a 10X10 unit:

  • The contents of a one bedroom apartment 
  • A grand piano
  • The contents of a living room
  • Large kitchen appliances

10x15 Storage Unit

A 10x15 Storage Unit makes storing the contents of a two bedroom apartment not a possibility but a sure thing. The extra bit of storage allows movers to store the contents of several different rooms.

Here’s some items you can store:

  • Contents of a garage
  • Contents of a two or maybe three bedroom apartment
  • Some compact cars
  • Living room furniture

Large Sized Storage Units

Large storage units are sized at 10x20, 10x25, or 10x30 and can pretty much store a whole multi-bedroom house inside of them. 

What scenarios might you need storage units of these sizes for? Here’s a few:

  • The content of a family home while moving
  • Storing a variety of vehicles, including cars, smaller RVs, and small boats
  • Commercial storage needs

These storage units can hold mostly anything thrown at them. These items may include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • A large pickup truck or van
  • Patio furniture

However, due to the size of these, there are a lot of examples.

That being said, what’s the defining differences between a 10x20, 10x25, and a 10x30 storage unit? Well, a 10x20 will probably hold the contents of a large three-bedroom house, whereas a 10x30 could probably hold the contents of a four or five-bedroom house.

Wrapping up: How big of a storage unit do I need?

This guide should help you answer the tricky question of what size storage unit do I need.  

From temporary college storage to storing the contents of an entire house, there is the right sized storage unit for anyone.

And if you’re looking for an affordable storage unit near you, check out our services. We pair homeowners with space, with people in need of storage, for a cheaper alternative to self storage.