Charlotte Car Storage: Our Complete Guide for 2021

Finding the right space to store your car is easier said than done. We're here to help with this complete guide to Charlotte car storage in 2021.

Charlotte Car Storage

Spring is here! You've spent your winter in the warm Charlotte North Carolina sun, and now it's time to head back North for the summer.

But what do you do with your car here in Charlotte? You'll need to store it. But, where? In a facility? Storage facility space is plentiful but can be expensive and not always feasible to use for vehicle storage.

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte NC has become a popular location for second homes. Charlotte, unlike major northern cities, needs a car to get around. But, if your first home is a condo, or something without a garage, or extra vehicle storage space, storing your vehicle/vehicles while your away can become a legitimate concern. Sometimes, it seems like it would be better to not own one at all.

We, at, are here to help. Today, we're providing answers to all of your questions about convenient Charlotte car storage whether you're moving away from Charlotte or need large vehicle storage space for a truck, boat, boat trailers, or off-road vehicles in addition to your primary vehicle.

Read on for a complete guide on how to store your vehicle, and where to store your car in Charlotte North Carolina.

Where to Store Your Car

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Some people may ask "why store my car?" near Charlotte NC. Well, in Charlotte NC weather and other factors can wreak havoc on your car's tires, paint, and other accessories while it's sitting in the driveway. Charlotte gets hot and humid, all not great for automobiles.

Car storage spaces in Charlotte, especially those that are climate-controlled to protect against the Charlotte heat, can protect your vehicles from the elements. Owners of classic or antique cars use self-storage spaces for this reason alone. They simply go to their climate-controlled self-storage unit to take it out when needed.

There are hundreds of self-storage unit businesses and vehicle storage units/spaces you can contact for car storage in Charlotte NC. Some are outdoor properties, while others can offer indoor vehicle storage space. It's up to you to decide which is the best vehicle storage in Charlotte NC for your individual storage needs and which self-storage facility and vehicle storage spaces are best for you.

Do their self-storage units and space fit your vehicle comfortably? Will you have storage access near Charlotte NC when you need it? Is there drive-up access to the storage units?

If you're storing a vehicle long-term, and depending on the value of the cars icon, certain properties may offer added services like shrink-wrapping, covers, or climate control. It's important to do your research, and figure out what your chosen car storage facility is offering.

Consider spending a little more on storage to make sure your vehicle is protected.

Prepping Your Car for Storage

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Once you've selected your car storage facility close to Charlotte NC and you're ready to put your vehicle away in storage, there are some steps you should take to store it in the best condition possible. If it's an outdoor unit make sure to cover the vehicle. Outdoor units don't have shelter to protect your cars and run a greater risk of outdoor critters getting into your cars too.

First, you should clean the exterior of the car. Make sure the outside is clean. Letting your vehicle sit in storage for months with dirt on it could damage paint and cause rust.

Clean the interior of your vehicle as well. Give it a thorough vacuuming before you place it into the storage unit.

Extra cleaning on the inside will keep wildlife, a true concern near Charlotte NC, from trying to get into your vehicle while it's in storage.

Before putting your vehicle in Charlotte NC car storage you'll want to take measures to avoid moisture buildup. A full gas tank is the best way. You can also add a stabilizer to your gas tank if you plan on storing the car in your storage unit for a long time near Charlotte.

Charlotte Car Storage Solved

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There you have it: a quick go-to guide on storage for your vehicle, where to find storage, and how to get the best car storage in Charlotte NC. We hope this helps you keep your vehicle safe and warm while you're away and need to place it in storage, and have it running well when you get back into town, out of storage, and back on the road!

For more tips and tricks for navigating life close to Charlotte NC and unique storage options, check out our blog. We hope to hear from you soon!