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Looking for affordable car storage in Orlando, Florida? Look no further! We've found the best options for both you and your wallet!

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What is vehicle storage? Vehicle storage is the practice of storing vehicles for a short or long period of time. This can be done in either an indoor or outdoor setting, and vehicle storage facilities are prevalent across the United States.

The most common type of vehicle storage is car storage, but there are also services available for boats and even airplanes!

Are you looking for ways to keep your vehicle stored safely while you travel for work? Are you desperately looking for a way to keep your prized car out of the elements? If so, then you need to search for affordable car storage in Orlando.

Doing so can help you find a storage opportunity that you'll be comfortable with. Self-storage units want you to think they're your only option, but they aren't. In fact, your issue can be solved by fellow members of the Orlando community.

See below for a guide on the most creative car storage ideas in Orlando and how you can get your car the shelter it needs.

Signs That You Need Car Storage in Orlando

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Let's start with the basics. What are the telltale signs that you need car storage in Orlando? See below for a few signs you need creative car storage.

1. You Have No Room in Your Garage

Some of you might have a garage, but it's filled with items that are either too valuable to give up or you're waiting to sell. If so, then a decision has to be made: you need to find alternative storage for either your car or the items currently hogging all the space in your garage.

Truth be told, you don't need to move all the items, just enough to fit your car comfortably inside. If that isn't possible, then you'll need to find an alternative storage option.

As we highlighted earlier, self-storage units aren't your only option. We'll dive into the best Orlando Florida alternative storage option in a bit!

2. Your Car Is Constantly Parked Outside

Many people are surprised to find out how bad it is for your car to constantly be parked outside in the elements. Especially in Orlando Florida, which is a tropical paradise known for torrential rain and hot summers.

Keeping your car parked outside can quickly wear on some of the car's key features, such as its tires, frame, battery, brakes, heating, air conditioning, and even its engine. The longer you keep it exposed to the outdoors, the more damage that will be done.

The Florida sun can do immense damage to your car. Without any protection from it, the sun will expose your car to its harmful UV rays, which will cause your upholstery to take a beating.

3. You Won't Be Using It for a While

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If your car is going to be sitting outside stagnant for a long period of time, the Orlando Florida elements can do even more damage to it. The constant shift in rain and heat can quickly cause corrosion and rust to form on your car's frame.

Maybe you're a military member that's being deployed. Perhaps you're a businessman or businesswoman that's going on an extensive business trip.

Whatever the case might be, you need to know that your car is safe from both the elements and potential theft. You can find creative car storage in Orlando Florida to help you safely store your car and give you peace of mind while you're away.

Creative Car Storage in Orlando FL

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Alright, we've teased you long enough! If any of the above factors apply to your situation, then you need to find a great car storage opportunity.

Self-storage units won't suffice. They require you to sign a contract that gives them all the control. You'll have to commit to a longer lease term, even if you don't need it for the entirety of the lease. The contract is used to lock in a financial commitment from you.

Forego those lengthy contracts and choose Stache instead! Stache offers you the chance to find cheap car storage from other members of your community. See below for the three-step process to help you find the storage you need.

1. Search Our Listings

We have a database full of hosts that have open storage space available! You can use Stache to browse those listings and find one that gives you the required space you need.

You can filter your search to find a space that fits your budget, is close to you, and has the storage space for your car and/or other items you wish to keep safe.

You even have the ability to message a host and learn more about them before you commit to anything.

2. Book the Listing

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Once you find the host that you like in Orlando Florida, you'll be able to book the listing. We want to ensure that both parties are comfortable, so we have a request and accept method.

You'll start by requesting the space that the host is offering. They'll either accept or deny your request.

Not to worry, you won't be charged until the host accepts your request, so there's no financial commitment before sealing the deal.

3. Store Your Car Safely

Once the host accepts your request, it's time to figure out the details! You can communicate with them to determine a time to drop off your car and anything else you wish to store.

Here at Stache, each of our users is covered for up to $50,000 through our general liability coverage policies.

You'll have full peace of mind, knowing that your items and vehicle are safe and sound until the next time you go to retrieve them.

Search Stache for Car Storage in Orlando

Now that you have seen the signs that you need car storage in Orlando, it's time to use Stache to find the storage you need!

Time to get started! Be sure to start by browsing our listings to find potential storage opportunities within your area.