Can I Live in a Storage Unit?

Living in a storage unit may seem like an appealing option for those struggling with housing insecurity.

Can I Live in a Storage Unit

Living in a storage unit may seem like an appealing option for those struggling with housing insecurity, but you know what isn't? Getting evicted! If you are currently struggling due to financial hardship, living in a storage unit is not the place to turn.

Can You Live in a Storage Unit?

While a storage unit may seem like a cheap and viable option, it’s a hard no. Living in a storage unit is prohibited by various local and federal housing laws. Storage facilities must evict any person they find living on the premises to comply with these regulations as well, which means that most insurance policies won't cover damages incurred from violating this rule - not just for safety reasons but also because it's against building codes!

Why You Can’t Live in a Storage Unit

  • No running water: Without water one cannot live in sanitary conditions.
  • Fire Hazard: Back in 2019, a man habitating in the building was found dead when the building caught on fire.
  • Zoning: Storage buildings are not zoned for residential use
  • The doors lock from the outside: It's not just about the safety of your belongings. You could get stuck inside a storage unit and die!
  • Lack of natural light: The lack of natural light in a storage unit can be detrimental to one’s psychological well-being. People who live there would feel depressed, lethargic and cramped from being surrounded by darkness all day long with no chance for fresh air or sunlight.
  • Cooking inside is a fire hazard: There are many ways for fires to start in storage units, cooking being one of them. One of the most probable is people trying out "alternative" cooking methods without proper ventilation, such as using an open fire or stove inside a unit.

You Will Get Caught

Even though you may think living in a storage unit is a possibility, you won’t get away with it. With today's technology, key-coded gates, onsite staff and cameras all over the place it will only take days for you to be kicked out. Even if you can outrun the cameras, staff will notice a spike in electricity usage, bathroom supplies dwindling, and strange noises. Let’s face it, you do not want a criminal charge on your record.

What Happens Once You Get Caught

Getting caught means you have violated your lease terms and are guilty of a civil offense. Not to mention, if you have kids child protective services will become involved.

Ask For Help

There are many services available for those that are struggling with finances. Find a local food bank, shelter or charity in your neighborhood that can help you fight homelessness. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone directly you can always check online resources.