Can Contractors use Self-Storage?

Without any storage unit, contractors and workers have to haul tools to and from a worksite every single day.


It is true that running a business, whether large or small, is a tough job. A self-storage is a great option for both homeowners and business owners. A construction project demands weeks and sometimes even months of commitment and hard work.

Where do these contactors, workers, plumber, and electricians store their tools and equipment? Contractors working out of their homes do not generally have locations or buildings to store their tools.  Construction contractors worry about the transportation, maintenance, and safety of equipment in addition to erecting a good-looking structure.

For a construction contractor, there is nothing more frustrating than a delay in production due to damaged or stolen tools. A self-storage unit can easily solve these problems.  Moreover, the cost of renting a storage unit is far lower than renting a storefront or a warehouse. The use of a storage unit is to store construction material as well as tools. This helps the contractors keep their overhead costs low and their budget in check. Similarly, usage of the right size of a self-storage unit is an ideal and convenient place for storing building materials.

Whether it’s a hammer or a forklift, it is important to keep equipment in good condition when not in use.

Why should contractors use self-storage units?

Without any storage unit, contractors and workers have to haul tools to and from a worksite every single day. Additionally, they constantly worry and hope nothing gets damaged and by weather, vandalized, or stolen.

In addition to being viable for secure storage, a self-storage unit is handy as well.

What can you store in self-storage units?

Contractors can use a self-storage unit to store anything from tools to bags of concrete that need to stay dry. Most commonly, a self-storage unit of size 10x20 is perfect for construction contractors. It has enough space to accommodate tools, toolboxes, wood, metal rods in addition to other necessary materials required for construction work.

Moreover, in case a contractor intends to store a small pickup truck or forklift, a 10x20 storage unit should be capable of storing it along with other supplies and equipment. The only thing you must be careful is to place tools and supplies being used frequently toward the front of the unit. In this way, you won't have to rearrange everything to grab something when you're in a hurry.

How to protect your equipment in self-storage

The wiring and batteries in electrical tools and vehicles can be potentially damaged when subjected to extreme weather conditions. Similarly, metal tools will rust, and wood will start to rot when they are left in humid environments where moisture is allowed to develop. This will cost the construction companies repairing, replacing, or just plain losing money on unstable equipment and supplies. None of these situations is good for the contracting budget.

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is therefore quite useful in such situations. A storage unit's interior temperature and humidity level can be moderated by climate control. It won't rise or fall beneath a certain setting. Although this type of storage is a bit expensive than standard storage, however, the protection it provides is well worth the additional cost. Since you don't have to replace any tools or supplies now and then, a self-storage unit will bring value to your money.

Tips for contractor storage

A self-storage unit is a must for contractors and construction companies as the workers are increasingly mobile and have to travel further and further to complete their jobs. A good self-storage unit allows companies to be flexible in the contractor and construction field. Below mentioned are some tips to help the contractors most out of the self-storage unit.

- Keep the tools clean

It is essential to clean your tools to prevent the buildup of rust, mold, or mildew. Cleaning and drying of your tools thoroughly will help protect their longevity.

- Save time by organizing the self-storage unit

Owning a self-storage unit for the sake of storing your equipment can be a huge time-saver. However, it all seems pointless if you have to spend a large amount of time digging around in your storage unit to grab your tools.

A simple way to avoid all this hassle is by storing all your frequently used tools towards the front of the storage unit. It will ultimately save you from wasting time through tools and equipment that are not used often. In case you rent a larger unit, it is important to create a narrow aisle stretching down your self-storage unit. It will help allow you to reach tools even when they are in the back of the storage unit.

- Use a climate-controlled self-storage unit

A climate-controlled self-storage unit will provide additional value to your tool and equipment investment. Any fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to any sensitive tools and equipment. Using a climate-controlled self-storage unit will help to maintain an optimal temperature that is safe for tool storage.

- Use a climate-controlled self-storage unit 

A climate-controlled self-storage unit will provide additional value to your tool and equipment investment. Any fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to any sensitive tools and equipment. Using a climate-controlled self-storage unit will help to maintain an optimal temperature that is safe for tool storage.

- Use plastic bins to store small items

Store all your smaller tools in clear plastic bins. Using plastic bins can be highly convenient as they are easy to stack plus they can be transported from location to location quite easily. The clarity of plastic bins will help you see what’s inside of them.

- Consider drive-up access to save time

Time is money. Especially when you are a contractor, wasting time is not an option. Drive-up access to your storage unit will be helpful in saving your time. In addition to being highly convenient, it's going to save you a lot of time.

Benefits of a self-storage unit

A self-storage unit offers many benefits to a contractors and construction company.

- A right sized unit for your needs

Whether you have a small collection of tools for everyday use or own larger and heavier equipment to count on. A self-storage unit offers a variety of unit size options to meet your requirements comfortably.

For example,

Small machines like lawnmowers can be easily stored in a 5x10 storage unit.

Get a 10x10 storage unit in case you have a mobile wood chipper.

- Controlled access

Unlike rental properties, a self-storage unit offers easy access to your tools whenever you please. Similarly, if you have a crew, you can place a controlled or restricted access to your tools by using a self-storage unit. You can allow all some or none of your workers to access your storage unit.

- Security

Additional security features can protect your expensive tools, equipment, and supplies form potential thieves. Self-storage unit uses keypad access, 24 hours of video surveillance to save you from worrying about the wrong people getting near your equipment or damaging them.

Productivity is a really important factor in all types of projects. When the workforce is productive, the project can be carried out much more smoothly. The pace of work is constant, and deadlines can be met without a hitch. However, for productivity to remain high, there are a few factors that need to be considered.

One of these factors is good storage space. A storage space provides a safe space for all the tools and equipment that are needed to complete a certain project.

Ways to store

There are many different kinds of storage spaces. We have onsite storage spaces. These allow for the tools and equipment to be placed near or on the worksite.

This is surely the most convenient way of storage as all the equipment is always available at hand. Another way of storage is by renting or building a warehouse. This way of storage is a bit on the expensive side; however, it is very reliable. Warehouse storage is perhaps the safest of storage there is.

These storage sites can also provide additional features such as CCTV cameras for security, electronic locks, etc. Furthermore, some of these spaces even offer environment control making sure that all the equipment is kept in the best condition.

Another common way to store is home-based storage. However, this is not as popular as the other ways it does not store the equipment close to the project site.

Things to keep in mind while looking for a storage space

The very first thing to keep in mind is the type of storage space you are looking for. There are three types of storage that are utilized most popularly. These are storage on site, warehouse storage, and storage at home.

Each type of storage has its own implications. For example, if you are looking for greater accessibility, then on-site storage is the best option. However, if you want more security and have the required funds, then renting a warehouse for storage will be best for you.

When it comes to home-based storage, this method is usually not preferred as the storage is done at headquarters. This does nothing to help with transportation costs, and accessing the equipment can be rather difficult.

Making sure you have the best option in nashville

Nashville is a city with a high rate of construction and development. Therefore, the best-suited options for storage spaces in Nashville have to be of on-site or warehouse storage. Also, make sure your chosen option provides the following:

- Location

The location of the storage site is another aspect that influences if the site is good or not. When taking into consideration the topography of Nashville, this should not be much of an issue.  The city is developed in such a way that all areas are easily accessible.

- Security

A good storage space also helps keep track of all the equipment in use. When you have a storage space, the task of checking the equipment is much easier. You can easily make sure that all the equipment that was used has safely been returned. It is also easier to locate and pinpoint any damage that the equipment has suffered.

You can more or less create an inventory and regulate the tools that are being used. This is, perhaps, the safest way to handle the equipment. You will not have to worry about the tools or equipment magically disappearing. You can rest assured as each piece will be accounted for.

- Capacity

Yet another important thing to keep in mind is the capacity of the storage. The storage should be spacious enough to accommodate all the tools and equipment. Otherwise, the storage is next to useless. The most important purpose of storage is that it helps to hold all the equipment and makes it easier to organize. If it does not do that, then there is no point in investing in a storage space.

Storage spaces in nashville

There are many different ways that one can access a storage space in Nashville. Everything is a lot easier to do in this day and age, and there is only one thing to thank for this. Yes, the internet! Like everything else, storage spaces in Nashville can also be looked up online.

There are many businesses that now operate and function online. You can access the website and deal with the concerned person. The websites provide in-depth details of the site and even provide pictures. If that does not satisfy the contractor, he or she can always visit the site themselves to check everything.

Now there are different ways that you can choose your preferred storage space. You can rent the entire storage space, or you can opt to rent a part of the warehouse. This depends on the amount of equipment that you have to store. It also depends on the time frame of your project and the funds that you have.

How to ensure you choose the best option

The best storage space is one that not only reduces cost but also saves time as well. Therefore, the best storage space is one that provides value for money. This does not mean it should be cheap. It means that it should provide all the qualities of a good storage, as mentioned earlier in the article. Moreover, it should do so at a reasonable cost.

When it comes to finding the best storage space, it is important to investigate your options. This is not only specified to Nashville. It is a course of action that a contractor should take anywhere in the world. It is important to do research and find detail about the storage space.

  • A few questions that you should ask are:
  • Is the place really secure?
  • Will it be enough for all the material?
  • Is it convenient and accessible?
  • Will it keep my equipment in a good condition?

If you choose a storage space based on these questions, you will definitely find the best site for yourself. However, do also keep in mind the length of your project and never forget to draw up a proper contract.

Since a good storage space plays an important role in the project, it is only right to be very careful and meticulous about it.