Best Time To Buy Appliances

If you're thinking about buying a new fridge or dryer, here are some tips to help you save cash.

best time to buy appliances

It is a good idea to know the average lifespan before buying appliances.

The average lifespan of various appliances can help determine when it's time for home improvement and appliance repair. Comparing prices with different retailers is also essential for whatever suits you best.

Dishwashers typically last 9 years, washing machines and dryers typically last 10 and 13 years, refrigerators typically last 13 years, electric ranges typically have a 15-year life span as well as gas range/oven combos; similarly electric ovens have an average lifespan of 13.

Central air conditioners typically have a life expectancy of 15 years while electric furnaces can live up to 18 years, and gas furnaces are expected to live for 21 years. For small appliances like coffee makers usually, only last 6 years but microwaves tend to stay in good shape until 9-years old.

When is the best time to buy appliances?

Holidays and holiday weekends

  • Holiday sales can be a great time to pick up appliances at reduced prices. There are three-day weekend holidays throughout the year like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day where retailers offer savings of over 50% off regular price. The Fourth of July is another great holiday to look for sales as well.

Right before the release of a new model

  • It is a good idea to wait until after the manufacturer releases a new model and retailers make room for newer models. You can get significant deals on older appliances when there are sales on both previous versions and floor models, usually in the fall season.

At the end of the month

  • Salespeople are responsible for selling a certain number of appliances each month. For retailers, reaching their quotas is required, so they might try to convince customers that they need appliances more than they do.

Certain months

  • Shoppers can find great deals during Maytag month on appliances that were once new but now are discounted. In addition, September through December is a good time to get discounts on the latest models of refrigerators and other items commonly found in homes because this is when newer versions come out as well as after holiday shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday have passed.

Back-to-school sales

  • Now that the kids have gone back to school and are moving into their dorms or apartments, manufacturers know they need appliances. That is why this time of year there will be a certain number of sales for affordable microwaves, mini-fridges, space heaters, etc., especially if you also need something small. It's now an excellent opportunity to look out for deals on these products!

Buying in the off-season

  • Seasonal appliances are designed to fit certain seasons. For example, people buy heaters in the summer and air conditioners in winter. However, finding a season appliance outside of its intended time can save you money because it is cheaper during that particular season when demand isn't as high for these products.

Buying open-box or floor models

  • I recommend asking about any damage discounts for various appliances. For example, small scratches or dents don't affect the performance of large appliances and may even be invisible once installed. These flaws can yield 10%-20% off each product which is a great way to save money when buying big-ticket items!

When is the best time to buy specific kitchen appliances?

Refrigerators & Freezers

  • A refrigerator is a home appliance that helps to keep food fresh by lowering the temperature in it. Refrigerators & freezers start turning over around May, and retailers change prices on previous model years for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, or Father's day sales to make room for new merchandise.

Ovens & Ranges

  • If you're looking to get an oven or a range for cheap, check out the sales starting in September. You want to buy before everyone else does, and stores may even have limited quantities so you should act fast! However, if there is leftover inventory from last year's models, discounts increase because they are making room for newer products coming this fall.
  • New ranges are at their most expensive during the first half of each year, according to a consumer report that analyzed over 1,500 different models.


  • Every year in September and October, dishwasher models turn over for new ones. There are many discounts on these older inventories during this time, so it is a good idea to buy them if you plan on getting one before the holidays arrive. If there is any leftover stock after the holiday season ends, then there is a final clearance in January.

Buying Appliances Online

While online shopping is quick and convenient, the downside to this method of purchase is that you cannot see what it looks like exactly or how well it works in person. It is recommended that you do your research beforehand so that when buying appliances online such as a refrigerator, oven, etc., you know which brand and appliance model will best suit your needs. It's also helpful to use events during the cyber week for discounts on appliances.