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Did you know that you can rent out your unused barn or warehouse to help subsidize your rent or mortgage?

rent my barn

Did you know that you can rent out your unused barn or warehouse to help subsidize your rent or mortgage? That's right, there’s a platform that allows you to turn that extra space into cash by renting out your barn to small business owners looking for a spot to work from.

In addition, listing your unused space on a platform such as will take the time consuming work out of finding a renter and collecting monthly payment. Another great benefit of signing up with Stache is that there’s liability insurance so you don’t have to worry about any potential damages cost.

How much can you earn from renting out your barn?

Depending on the area you live in, we’ve seen barns generate an income anywhere from $660-$2000 per month. If you calculate the annual income from renting out your barn, that amount can come out to $6,000-$24,000 per year!

Who will be renting your barn?

There are many people who could be looking for some extra space to store their items. However, local small business owners will be the main ones renting out your barn. They would rather rent a space nearby that’s cheaper than putting their money into a corporate storage company that is outrageously priced high.    

By renting out your barn, you can support your local community members and get to know them as well! Who knows, maybe the business renting out your space is that local restaurant you love that’s 15 minutes away from you!  

What if the renter doesn’t pay?

Stache takes care of any payment concerns you have so you can be worry-free. By using the platform, we will work with the renter to collect payment.

How big does my barn for rent need to be?

All shapes and sizes of barns can be rented out. Everyone has their own preference in storage size depending on the kinds of materials someone needs for their occupation. While some barns may fit a vehicle, smaller storage spaces may be the ideal spot for a painting studio or an Etsy shop.

In addition to renting out your barn, you can also rent out your garage to earn additional income. Check out that blog post here.

What is the average rental length for barn renters?

Most small business individuals stay in a spot long term once they find a good fit. The average renter uses their storage space for up to 9 months, but most will remain for years.

Through the Stache platform, there is no commitment. Therefore, you can give the renter a 30-day notice to vacate if needed.

Perks of Stache

perks of using

1. Liability insurance

Stache covers up to 1 million dollars in liability insurance to protect their hosts. There is no other platform better to rent out your barn or warehouse than Stache. While there are many perks that come with listing your property on their website, liability insurance is the best of them all. You should never be personally liable for someone renting out your barn.  

2. Stache saves you time

Allow their staff to find the perfect renter for your space. Just fill out the information on the host signup page, and a member of the team will reach out if they have any other questions. Then, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax as they drive traffic to your spot through their algorithm.

3. Automatic payments

Never worry about collecting payment each month. With Stache’s automatic payment system, the money will be collected each month and transferred to your bank account.

4. Effortless evictions

All bookings made through Stache are month-to-month leases. If the renter doesn't work for you, cancel the booking through your profile, and Stache will take care of the rest.  

5. Income in your pocket

Once Stache finds a renter for your listing, you keep 90% of each monthly transaction. If you’re unaware of what price you should charge, just ask a team member. The listed price is always okayed by you first.

6. Unlock income for your property

Stache provides a fully functioning platform and a skilled team member that helps you list your unused space!

Join today and list your barn or shed to start earning additional monthly income!

Three tips on renting out your barn, shed, or warehouse

tips on renting out your barn

1. Clean the inside of the space

Making sure your space is clear of your personal belongings will help increase the chances of someone wanting to book the space. In addition, the clean space will help make the photos more appealing to potential renters.

2. Include multiple photos

Displaying more than one photo of the space will give potential renters more of a feel for the area. This will also decrease the number of questions renters have, which will reduce the amount of time spent trying to get the space booked.

3. Write a detailed description

In the description box, include how big the space is, whether or not there is room for a car or two, how often the renter can access the area, whether it is a detached barn, and if it has electricity, water, and access to a bathroom.

All this information is super important for small business owners and a way for the employees at Stache to find the perfect tenant for your space.