8 Ways to Make Money From Your Garage

Live in a house and looking for ways to make additional income? Here's how to turn your garage into lucrative business ideas.

make money from your garage

Rent it out as parking

Rental spaces are not always available, but if you have an unused garage space and the access is easy to get to by car on your property, consider renting it out as temporary or long-term space. With many cities struggling with too little Parking in popular areas like downtowns or sports stadiums/venues near home, charge up for those looking for an alternate solution!

Renting it out as storage space

If you are looking to make money, it is a great idea to consider renting out the space that your car does not occupy. We recommend renting it out on a platform such as Stache. This peer-to-peer storage company allows you to rent out unused spaces around your house to individuals within your neighborhood! With an empty single or double garage being large enough for multiple cars, there are plenty of ways this vacant space can be repurposed.

Turn your hobby into a side business.

Some hobbies we love to do just for fun and don't plan on making money off of. If you decide you want some extra spending money or even a career change, it might be worth considering if people are willing to spend money on your hobby. Consider starting your own business by converting your unused garage into an artist's workshop. On the plus side, this hobby can turn into a full-time or part-time career. Talk about doing what you love for work!

People are always on the lookout for creative one-of-a-kind items they can find online. Who knows, maybe you will even turn your hobby into a successful business. Amazon, Google and Disney all started from their garages!

Rent it out as a content studio

Have you ever heard of social media? Local e-commerce and small businesses are always looking for places to shoot content. Whether they sell on their website or looking to shoot models in their newest season's clothing, content studios are becoming a demanding and highly lucrative market. Consider renting out your garage on Peerspace.com, a peer-to-peer marketplace for industry members to book space for events, photoshoots, and meetings.

Rent out your tools

With a chronically cluttered garage that never seems to have enough space, you might find yourself looking for ways to clean up your mess. Sites like Zilok and Tool Lending Club can help with this by borrowing tools from people in their local area. This is perfect if you only need these types of equipment on rare occasions or are too hesitant about purchasing them due to cost considerations; listing your available items online will allow potential renters not just to see what's out there but make it easy for them as well: they'll be able to put together an order, pay any fees associated with registration and insurance without hassle before picking up anything-you won't even need to deal with shipping!

Convert into an in-law unit

A spare room or garage can be converted into extra income for your house. Whether you're looking to make some quick cash by renting it out short-term during the holidays, long-term as a studio apartment, or just use it yourself when family visits; an unused space in your home could be worth extra cash in your pocket.

Renting your place out is a great way to make passive income. But you'll need more than just the right space, good furniture, and appliances - here are some items that should be in every garage for it to work as a successful rental:

  • A stable floor (preferably concrete)
  • Roofs without leaks or gaps where water can seep through from outside
  • Walls with no holes or cracks so there's less of chance moisture gets inside

Start crafting

If you enjoy a certain type of craftwork, there are people out in the world who would like to buy what you create. In fact, with sites such as Etsy and other venues (such as flea markets), it's never been easier for creative individuals to get their creations out into the world! You can also easily sell your items at home by setting up an open garage sale or hosting any number of online auctions- no matter where life takes you next!

Turn it into an at-home office space

How would you like to work in a garage office as your virtual workplace? Many people are now able to make money by working online. You can look for customer service jobs, answer questions and provide assistance with an application or headset. You could design websites or tutor others on any topic imaginable. Learning computer repair or data entry are always useful skills to know if you're looking to make money. Sell your services online on platforms like Fiverr.com to earn money.